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An EU flag flies in the face of Parliament
An EU flag flies in the face of Parliament
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“The British people deserve better”

Mark Taylor

Campaign Manager New Alliance


There is much concern over the proposed EU Withdrawal Agreement. The government claim it’s the best or only one on offer, but in reality, they haven’t tried hard enough.

BIt does not take back control of our borders, our laws or our money.  

It creates divisive borders within the UK and takes power away from elected government. It provides a blank cheque for the EU to pass laws over us for years to come with no guaranteed means of escape.

Far from ensuring a level playing field, it lets the EU pick the rule book and the referee. It provides a means of ensuring our industries are not competitive and can be saddled with new business taxes and decreased allowances.

Any issues are to be decided by the EU’s courts even years after the agreement ends. They can fine us what they like with no right of appeal.

The UK will also be liable for EU spending commitments made after the agreement ends, on top of the £35 billion payable up front.

The British people deserve better. Readers should urge their MP to get the government to renegotiate a balanced deal that holds the EU to its international obligations. EU leaders are desperate to avoid ‘No Deal’, so should play ball.