Your View: EU


You have to sympathise with Theresa May

Peter Bellamy

Ashbourne Road Handsworth


I'm not a lover of the Tory party but you have to sympathise with Theresa May, she has been given a sows ear to make a silk purse by a THIRD of the eligible voting public in her Brexit negotiations.

Many of the 27 European nations she is negotiating with arguably have suffered more than we did during and after the war. Firstly under Nazi occupation then even worse under Soviet occupation. So there's no way are they going back there. 
They feel secure as a union especially with Putin flexing his muscles on many of their borders. So anything threatening that union like Britain leaving is going to be seen by them as a threat to that security and possibly the start of the break up of the union. So as they see it is in every member's interest to see that Britain stays within the union. It is obvious to me they will put every obstacle in her way and any deal they offer will make us worse off. Good luck Theresa your going to need it. And for the rest of us it's back to to the 70s get ready for some redundancy letters.