Your View: EPC Elections

'Do you want to serve your community?'

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 27 November, 2018, 06:04
Councillor David Ogle

David Ogle

Party Politically independent councillor 

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High Green ward EPC, High Green volunteer

Ecclesfield parish council (EPC) Elections in May, do you want to serve your community? Do you know someone who does?  We, the independent team are looking for people who want to serve the community they live in, within the EPC, not a political party, or one community at the expense of another.  If that's you get in touch via  last thing anyone within the parish needs is another 4 years 'on top of the last 40 years' of party political dogma! Mixed with looking after one area at the cost of another.  Our EPC needs a complete re-orientation, a complete ( ABOUTFACE ) from serving itself, Mates and a party political rosette, as it does now. To serving all equally within the 6 major communities of our parish.  This needs to happen. Or the EPC needs to END.  Any council that spends 80%+ of its tax collections on itself is clearly a waste of money and not fit for purpose.  We believe the EPC can be made a great force for good and want YOU to join us in making that happen?  We also believe all within the EPC should have a say on the EPC continuing into the future once reforms have been made.  The EPC refuses to harness the power of our communities, instead pushing forward vanity projects like doubling the size of its offices at a staggering cost of £300,000.  Do you want to help us get this EPC out of the PALACE building business and into the Community quality of life IMPROVING business?  I am part of a growing elected and unelected team, join this team in doing good for goods sake. Now's the time.