Is your Sheffield home a listed building? This is how you can find out

Living in a listed building can have a number of benefits but how can you find out if your home has made the cut.

Thursday, 29th March 2018, 12:17 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th March 2018, 12:20 pm
Sheffield Town Hall

Buildings are listed once they have been identified as having special architectural or historic interest due to their age or condition.

They can also be listed at different grades; Grade I, Grade II* or Grade II being the most common of all listings.

Listing a building means that any changes to a building are controlled by the Planning Service, meaning that a reasoned and controlled approach is taken to protecting it for future generations.

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There are around 1,200 listed buildings of special architectural or historic interest in Sheffield so you could very well be living in one yourself.

If you are living in a listed property and want to extend or transform the building then you will need to seek planning permission, and failing to do could land you with a huge fine.

So if you're want to make a big change to your property then it could be worth checking if your property is listed.

Historic England has a list of all the listed buildings. Click here to see all the listed buildings in Sheffield on their website.

To qualify for the list, buildings need to be:

- Built before 1700 and surviving in anything like their original condition;

- Most buildings between 1700 and 1840 (but selection is necessary);

- Buildings between 1840 and 1914 which display a ‘definite quality and character’.

Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest, only 2.5% of listed buildings are Grade I.

However, Grade II* buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest; 5.8% of listed buildings are Grade II*

And Grade II buildings are of special interest; 91.7% of all listed buildings are in this class and it is the most likely grade of listing for a home owner.

A government survey is carried out for every local authority area and buildings get classified into "grades" depending on how important they are.