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Indoor bowls
Indoor bowls
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“I was particularly interested in the question about indoor bowls”

Pat Hall 


Sheffield, S17

Dear Councillor Julie Dore, I read with interest the report of the meeting, held in the Winter Garden, where members of the public were able to put questions to Councillors.

I am in my eighties, and am alone now, and was particularly interested in the question about indoor bowls. 
During the summer months I am able to participate in social bowling 
every day and it provides me, and others like me, with company, fresh air and light exercise. When the season ends in October/November we would like to play indoors but because there is no purpose built indoor facility we have to make do with a league match once a fortnight, on a mat, rolled out on a tennis court at Graves leisure centre. Social bowling is not available. 
As Sheffield is renowned for encouraging people to participate in 
sport I ask The Council to find a piece of land for a purpose built bowling centre so that loneliness and isolation can be reduced for our elderly population.