Your View: Lowedges Accident

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It’s just not worth rushing

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens


Reading about an elderly woman’s serious road accident at Lowedges in Saturday’s Star prompted me to write this letter. 

Walking across a road is one of the most dangerous things people do these days. 

Increasing volumes of traffic day and night, people rushing here and there, motorists who make illegal manoeuvres and joyriders, often under the influence of drugs, who may come around the corner at any moment. 

It’s more important than ever that we take our time when approaching a road and attempt to cross it. 

Keep your mind on the job in hand.

If in doubt, wait. Take a few deep breaths. The traffic will get easier. 

Don’t take any risks – one restless move is all it takes for a serious or fatal accident. 

Loved ones will suffer from hearing about your accident or death and the police officers involved will be affected too.

And witnesses of the accident, young and old. Plus the attending paramedics and hospital staff.

Also the journalists and other media personnel who report it and the people who read about it or find out on TV, radio or online. 

It’s just not worth rushing.

Be observant. Look and listen.

Walk calmly. Take care.