You will do as your told

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More news just hot off the EU press with the announcement, quietly you understand, that because of Frau Merkel’s utter and stupid mistake of inviting millions of immigrants into Europe it looks as though we are just maybe forced into taking thousands more immigrants than we want.

The EU Commission has just issued a direct threat to the UK that if we don’t accept our “fair share” of Frau Merkel’s migrants, about 90,000 people a year, then we won’t be allowed to deport asylum seekers who have already lodged claims in other EU countries.

We are still supposed to be a sovereign country aren’t we?

Yet we will not be allowed to control our own borders.

It appears as long as we stay in the corrupt EU we will do what the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels order us to do, or else!

The only way to control our own borders is to leave this £55 million/day circus as soon as is possible.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74