You still don’t get it, Mr Clegg

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To a well-educated Nick Clegg from a not so well-educated girl, (Whitby Road County Girl’s School in Darnall), I want you to know that you still haven’t got it, have you Mr Clegg?

The Brexiters voted out for many reasons, not just one in particular.

Immigration, the National Health Service situation, free market for our country, sovereignty, control over law and order and last but not least, the economy. Not just one point but many.

When are all the remainers going to grasp the reasons why we voted OUT.

The vote was cast, the decision made, now you all need to get on with dealing with it and stop bleating on about what should (in your opinions) have happened.

This country is a Christian country with a great history of multiculturalism – we expect the foreigners living here to comply with our laws and recognise our beliefs and not them influence us to become something else.

The Government – and the clue is in the title – is there to govern and get on with the EXIT policy.

It’s not for the rest of the rag, tag and bobtails in Parliament to have a say in how we exit.

Let’s all become great again – it’s in our hands.

Ann Dawson

by email