You shame us all

Brian Lodge
Brian Lodge
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Brian Lodge , councillor for the environment, This has to be one of the great political oxymorons of all time.

Brian, do the people of Sheffield a favour and resign, you are out of you depth and you have no understanding of your political remit.

Do the decent thing for us all and resign, I am sure Julie Dore will find you a nice little job, perhaps you could do an inventory of all the cupboards in the town hall.

Why resign you may ask? Here is why, Brian...

You recently made a statement about the Chelsea elm in which you said “The tree is doing irreparable damage to the kerbs and footpaths” and, (due to some minor decay in one branch) “the cost of correcting the tree would be £50,000”.

Firstly, the cost of pruning the elm is in the Amey contract, it would be of no cost to the council.

Secondly, irreparable is irreparable, it is an adjective meaning that it is beyond repair, incapable of being rectified, remedied or made good.

Obviously this is not the case.

You are out of your depth and in a tangled mess of your own making and will be in time hoist by your own petard.

Resign, you shame us all.

Lee Swords

Handsworth, Sheffield

Loxley Valley society

Living here on the slopes of Malin Bridge, (aka Loxley Bottoms), I count myself as living in the Loxley Valley as indeed the folk who live in Holme Lane and Bradfield Road can.

I’ve recently followed fellow heritage enthusiasts writing in the local media regarding the lack of protection for our waterway and riverside heritage and even a bid for World Heritage Status!

My goodness me – where are they going to start? Let’s look at the Loxley Valley – once renowned as the area with the most remaining industrial archaeology in Sheffield.

How about the only undershot water wheel for miles around at Malin Bridge? In working order? Who is responsible for its maintenance?

Further up – we saw the loss of the offices of Wisewood Forge some years ago.

Next look at the wheel and interior of the former Barworth Flockton works at Little Matlock.

I’m told there is an issue as to who owns the wheel and meantime it’s barely visible due to undergrowth.

We have a Loxley Valley Protection Society and Local Councillors and MPs. How much protection and support are they affording this ‘green artery?

Why isn’t there open debate on these issues?

Ron Clayton

Malin Bridge, S6

Hospital parking

Twice this week my wife and I have been to visit a relative in the Northern General Hospital, Monday at 10.30am and Thursday at 2.30pm. On both occasions I was unable to park in any of the hospital car parks after searching for 20 minutes.

In each car park I checked, other cars were also looking for spaces. I had to drop off my wife to visit while I parked on a road not even close to the grounds.

In addition anyone attending the hospital for treatment will find it difficult to be on time for an appointment. This hospital is in desperate need of a multi-storey or a park and ride scheme to allow patients, staff and visitors easier access. There was a time however when parking was simple. It was when I followed the ambulance admitting my relative at 4.20am!

Ken Stevens

by email

The health service or not?

Starting on Tuesday I have been trying to make an appointment at Burncross surgery due to a recurring health problem.

The time table of my attempts is as follows.

Tuesday morning called in and told to come back Thursday as there may be a better chance of getting in to see a doctor in less than three weeks

So Thursday arrives and I again wait in a long line of expectant patients waiting to see the only receptionist on duty as per usual.

Eventually I get to my turn to speak to this very hard- pressed lady who informs me that it will be three weeks before I can see a doctor but it may help if I ring up on Friday morning at 8am and someone will decide if I need an earlier appointment.

Come Friday at 8am I dial the number. A recorded message answers me by stating that the phone in system is out of order and to try again later.

I try at 10-minute intervals only to receive the same message and at 1pm finally give up the ghost and decide to go to hospital.

So what is happening to our health service,?

Do the privileged in our society get a better service as I often see dignitaries being greeted into various health centres in London etc.?

Is it just us, the old and infirm or those in the less well- off centres of society who are forced to live with this not so health service?

When will our local MPs get their act together and demand that all people are treated in a fair and just way?

Concerned patient


Hijacked by Corbyn

I never thought I would see Glastonbury hijacked as a political rally as Corbyn did.

As with Vladimir Putin and his corrupt lot there is no limit to the grubby level communists like Corbyn will stoop to brainwash the young and the moderates of the Labour party.

I would say this, Labour is against austerity I get that, we are all fed up with it but please be aware that the current Labour party is so far left it has no place in Britain any more than the fascist far right has.

The British are a fairminded lot and stalwart in its British values.

Corbyn is a communist who hates all establishments including our monarchy.

Do you really want these sort of people running this country?

This country needs a good middle ground opposition to the Conservatives so support those labour MPs who oppose the far left in the Labour party and people like Corbyn who sack anybody who does not agree with him.

I, like many a few years ago, hoped that the Lib Dems would fill that gap but Clegg destroyed that dream and Farron and Vince Cable have wiped away the last traces of its middle ground in British politics with their stance on Brexit.

The anti-establishment and Corbyn have hijacked our Labour party and we need it back or an emergence of a new democratic centre party that supports business and the workers.



Get rid of players

It is reported that Sheffield Wednesday want to sign four or five new players for the coming season.


Didn’t they sign enough last season with players not even being named on the substitutes bench.

They should be getting rid of players, not signing more of them.

Lee Johnson

by email