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I was a little surprised to read Ted Fowler’s letter criticising Sanctuary housing in last Thursday’s letters. With regards to the colour of the asphalt, does he not realise that when newly laid it is black and turns to a lighter grey over a period of months or years.

Bearing in mind that the footpaths around Shiregreen were resurfaced almost five years ago it’s not really surprising that there is a difference.

Another point to bear in mind is that it is probably the utility companies who are re-laying the asphalt and that the maintenance of the footpaths is no longer Sanctuary’s responsibility but Amey’s on behalf of Sheffield City Council.

The same applies to the grass verges and speed humps, which, if I understand correctly, were never the responsibility of Sanctuary, although they did arrange for the installation of the wooden bollards to deter the parking of vehicles on the verges.

I would however agree that the frequency and quality of the mowing of the verges leaves a lot to be desired and that the speed humps are a waste of time, causing damage to vehicle’s suspension and increasing carbon emissions.

Again these issues are the responsibility of the council and not Sanctuary.

As a long-time resident of Shiregreen, I feel that over the 10 years that Sanctuary have had responsibility for the Shiregreen estate they have done an excellent job of bringing the homes up to a decent standard and trying to engage with tenants and residents alike to bring social cohesion and a sense of well-being to the area.

I would end by saying to Mr Fowler, if you are unhappy with something then by all means complain, but please direct your complaint to the right people.

Roger Bird

Shiregreen resident