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Page Hall
Page Hall
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Prior to the last local elections I pointed out how many letters were appearing in The Star complaining about the actions of the city council.

Problems around Page Hall, housing, immigrants, trees, the Town centre redevelopment, road resurfacing, parking around schools, bus services, litter and a host of other topics.

I said at the time that there was no point writing to The Star about these problems, because the Labour council is so comfortable that it will be voted back in that they just go their own sweet way. Normally a Labour voter, I suggested that people should vote for change, or stop moaning. The future was in the hands of the voters.

Here we are many months later, and the same topics still prevail in the Star’s letter pages.

For example, at the moment the subject of Page Hall has arisen again.

Now I would have thought that after all the previous troubles down there the council would taken some strict action.

Clearly there is still a problem with one particular section of the community according to most of the letters.

We have just voted to leave the EU, and many of those who voted to leave did so with the effects of immigration foremost in their minds.

I pass through Page Hall and its surrounding areas most days, and it seems to me that their are people hanging about in groups on the shopping centre and on the surrounding streets. So I can easily see why there is rubbish scattered around, and a feeling of uneasiness for those who find themselves living in the area.

If those hanging around are economic migrants, according to the Government if they haven’t found a job within six months they get sent home. That’s certainly doesn’t appear to be happening. The council only last week announced that Sheffield would continue to take in immigrants, despite the problems in Page Hall and the effect on housing and public services, and the obvious reason why Brexit won the referendum.

Where are they going to house them and what effect is it going to have on the people living around them?

This is just another example of how this council have just gone their own way again, despite public opinion.

Trees, roads, redevelopment, whatever your grouse is, you could have given another party the chance to change things.

I shall continue to have a moan via The Star pages (if they are kind enough to print them) because I took my own advice and for the first time in 50 years I didn’t vote Labour.

Sorry, no good moaning now if you voted Labour, you had your chance, and you blew it.