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We live on a small close in Wincobank approximately 100 yards long, and at the Amey roadshow last July we were informed that we were to have our lights and pavements replaced but not our road (which does have areas of breakdown.)

The fun started approximately six weeks ago when the pavement up to the close was replaced as was the side road leading to the close.

We then became the close that time/Amey forgot.

On several of us contacting them we have had two responses the first was that we are unadopted (not true and verified by the council) and now this week the excuse is that they have run out of lightbulbs!

We just wonder if they are treating us as idiots as we are sure that no other area would be treated in such a rough shod way.

We now look forward to the next excuse as it is so obvious that they forgot to do our close.

Disgrunted and amused

Woodbury Close