You are by no means the majority

Sheffield street trees: defiant residents to hold vigil under Christmas lights on Abbeydale Park Rise
Sheffield street trees: defiant residents to hold vigil under Christmas lights on Abbeydale Park Rise
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The open letter to Paul Billington is quite a rant from someone who lives in London, (Ian Dalton, August 8).

I read your report, which seems quite a while ago now. Do I remember rightly that you travelled round with campaigners for one day only?

During your time given freely did you think about the professionals working in Sheffield?

Civil engineers looking after the pipework, under pavements and roads bringing services to homes and businesses.

Health & Safety and, of course, arborists and inspectors who are overseeing this work.

The first five years is coming to an end and so, running in five year cycles, inspection work will start again from the beginning of the contract.

Some work necessary during the passed five years was, as stated by letters toThe Star, carried out quickly and efficiently.

The glass half empty brigade have already criticised temporary safety work carried out until pavements and roads have been resurfaced.

Ironically, in The Star, (August 9), Susan Richardson wrote ‘...but make no mistake the council’s intention is to fell all our road side trees.’ What!? This is in the same publication, page 16, campaigners fighting over the elm tree. I quote again ‘The council and Amey plan to fell AND REPLACE 6,000 of the city’s 36,000 street trees by the end of the year under the Streets Ahead PFI contract, while planting an extra 600. How does this affect your job Ian?

I also, as far as the elm is concerned can see it would cost £50,000 to lift the roads and pavements and the tree would still be obstructing the sight of drivers.

Lastly, but by no means least, pollution!

Many letters about the canopies of large trees being the lungs of the city.

Different arborist professionals realise that today’s pollution is totally different to when we lived in a heavy industrialised City.

Pollution now is emissions from exhausts, chocking us, particularly diesel, long before it reaches the tops of the huge tree.

Some arborists think the canopies hold in fumes. Young trees are more vigorous than their older counterparts.

PS How many people saw the campaigners laughing and joking outside the Court in Leeds but inside the safety barriers put up while workers carried out tree work? What an example to set! Hope the judge saw them! You are by no means the majority of residents.

J Turner

by email