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Being heavily unionised, it is odd that Sheffield Council is actually worse than big business when it comes to how it treats its own workforce in some aspects.

Could you really see any major supermarket chain getting away with replacing paid checkout staff with unpaid volunteers in the way Labour councillors have seen fit to do with library assistants?

Another example is the current rules on sick pay and holiday pay, meaning any workers in Sheffield schools taking holidays in term time do so as unpaid leave and have to have a back-to-work interview if they are unfortunate enough to be off sick for just one day.

Despite the bluster and propaganda against the Tories from Labour councillors, one look at the way the council treats its workers in education and libraries proves their attitude to workers is no better than the Tories they claim to be different from.

Sheffield Council should set a better example for other employers to follow by repealing these measures.

Actions speak louder than words.

Kevin Fields


Pollution problem

Pollution is still a growing problem and, regarding that from motor vehicles the current solutions include stopping production of diesel engines in favour of electric-powered vehicles and, on a more immediate basis, banning vehicles from city centres.

What the world-wide economic outcome of the former solution would be is mindboggling and surely alternatives are out there somewhere.

I wonder whether the magicians in the science and engineering departments at Sheffield University could come up with alternative ideas, such as an additive for diesel oil which would at least reduce pollutants and a diesel engine with in-built economiser/filter/exhaust to do likewise. I believe current exhaust systems do have built-in devices to reduce exhaust gases, but clearly these do not do so to the desired extent.

If such research was undertaken, I suggest the motor industry be requested to provide funding. Maybe they are already carrying out such exercises, but I haven’t heard of anything so far.

Peter Fox

Pingle Road, Sheffield, S7

Too late to stop

Saturday’s cartoon by Whitworth regarding taxi licences in Sheffield was brilliant. If only the local council could see the serious side of this problem.

I was a hackney cab driver in Sheffield for more than 30 years and the only place to get your licence was in Sheffield.

Looking at the present standard of driving and knowledge by the majority of private hire drivers they couldn’t pass water, hence the reasons for applying in other regions.

It’s too late to stop the rot.


Retired hackney cab driver

Craters and speed bumps

So BT of Chesterfield claims Labour looked after Labour areas, (The Star March 20). Well I have lived in North West Sheffield for most of my life, a big Labour area and I can’t see where it’s been looked after any better than elsewhere in the city.

As for the roads, BT ought to drive round Parson Cross, Shiregreen and most of Sheffield 5 and 6, most of the roads are diabolical – Elm Lane and Deerlands Avenue are something else, craters and speed bumps side by side.

Mr H

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Issues many schools face

As a parent of a Y7 child at Ecclesfield School I am fully in support of the school. Yes there are some big issues to address but they are issues that many schools face. The staff have been open to answering questions arising from the report.

Up to now my experience of the school has been a positive one and I’m sure the staff will work their absolute hardest to ensure the problems are ironed out.

As parents it is our responsibility to support the work of the school, especially when it comes to behaviour and making sure our kids are fully prepared to learn.

Kirsty Dowling

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Right choice

Further to your article in tonights Star, I cannot praise Ecclesfield School enough. My daughter started there in September 2016. Since then she has flourished into a confident and very happy young lady, she has found a new ability and drive to learn.

The headteacher and deputy head and staff are available and approachable by both pupils and parents.

We are of course very disappointed and upset by the Ofsted but I know I still made the right choice for my child to go Ecclesfield School.


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Dick Turpin alive and well

As we were leaving our car at our usual disabled parking spot in Norfolk Street on St Patrick’s day, a passer-by happened to say that there was a notice of exclusion, in other words it was closed.

My wife is blind and I suffer from osteoarthritis, plus we are both in our mid-70s, so we struggle, to say the least, and we are glad of the parking area in Norfolk Street.

Finding alternative parking was a severe problem, however after some time we managed to make our way back to the Norfolk Street area and we were horrified to see some unfortunate driver, who had been given a penalty notice.

I find it shocking that this should happen on a day when the city was heaving and there was hardly anywhere to park.

Has the Sheffield council had to stoop so low as to penalise disabled people to get extra cash into their coffers?

For myself, it is a sad, sad day to witness such goings on.

Are there no good Samaritans any more at Sheffield City council?

I also feel life is hard enough for folk such as us without having to shell out £50. Dick Turpin, is alive and well here in Sheffield.

My thanks goes out to that person, who was good enough to point the sign out to us.

At least he was a good Samaritan, and helped us save money that we can ill afford to spend.

Mr & Mrs Michael Jackson

Sundown Road, S13

Shame if pub became shop

Looking back at the Carbrook Hall pub in the 1950s and 60s it was a regular watering hole for the locals, myself included, and workers from Metro Vickers opposite the pub.

It would be a shame if such a historic building was turned into a supermarket.

Although I am not a lover of old buildings I consider Carbrook Hall and its exquisite interior should be preserved for future generations to come.

As for the ghosts you would probably have had to have drunk more than a few pints before seeing them.

EB Warris

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