World is not going to be swallowed up

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Having read many of the EU scaremongering stories, I would like to say that the In camp are clutching at straws.

First of all, getting Obama to put the facts on the table couldn’t have been a more disastrous move by David Cameron.

The US President during his recent state visit tells us we will be at the back of the queue if we choose to leave, but our special relationship is still special, this relationship being on America’s terms and not ours.

Fine by me. But let’s remember that we are one of the biggest EU trading partners with the USA. And whilst the TTIP seems to be no closer to completion, perhaps they will look to this “ little, insignificant island” for trade. After all, we are a stepping stone to Europe.

Let us not forget that it was Charles de Gaulle’s famous uttering of “Non” for Britain to join the the ECC, and it was President Kennedy who told de Gaulle he should let us join, as without us, America had no voice in Europe.

We joined under the conditions of the other states, one condition being that we revoked all our commitments to countries within our own free trade agreements.

It was also de Gaulle who stated his uneasiness of us joining due to the incompatibilities of continental Europe and Britain’s economic interests.

As for the recent comments of John Major, stating “if the Outers want undiluted sovereignty, we should look to North Korea, because that is what we will become”, what an utterly offensive and idiotic comment to make.

We were a sovereign state before we joined and we could be again whereas North Korea is a dictatorship.

But this is what you get from the likes of Major, Heseltine and Clarke. Just a bunch of washed up has-beens, who no longer have power, but still wish they did.

They were running this country years ago, when we had far less interference from Brussels. They are no relics, who need to go to a museum.

I am fully decided that I am going to vote to leave the EU, as many others will. There will also be many who are going to vote to remain. There are many more that are undecided.

I would like to tell both sides of the campaign, stop scaremongering and throwing every little thing at us. The world is not going to be swallowed up, whether we leave or remain. Decide for yourselves, not for anybody else.

Matthew Hobson

by email