Working together to keep estate clean and green

Gleadless Valley
Gleadless Valley
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Well done to EB Warris, (January 26, 2016), for celebrating recent improvements in Gleadless Valley.

There are lots of good things happening and it is disappointing when residents such as Mr Malone, (Letters, January 29), fail to recognise the efforts of others.

In the last six months alone, the council has replaced the flat roofs on maisonettes and started a campaign called, Love Where You Live, o improve the environment.

This is popular with residents and has made a big difference to levels of litter and flytipping in areas such as Ironside.

Alongside this, Gleadless Valley Tenants and Residents Association is working with Bankwood Primary School to make the children more aware of litter.

As local councillors, we are working with local groups such as the Gleadless Valley Wildlife Trust and local residents to organise litter picks.

We have also funded community skips to support residents in keeping the estate clean.

We would all acknowledge that there is more to be done.

Mr Malone obviously cares about Gleadless Valley, so I would urge him to join us in our efforts to keep the Valley clean as well as green.

Cate McDonald

Councillor for Gleadless Valley