Woodside School

Artist impression of Woodside School
Artist impression of Woodside School
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This school, pictured below, being built to cater for the huge surge in immigration, looks imposing, but more like a prison than a place of learning.

Your feature includes a photo of stone built, now grade II listed, Pye Bank School to be incorporated into the modern school.

Pye Bank, one of a standard type, built between 1873 and 1915, catered for a previous surge in population, as men flooded North from the East Midlands mainly – Derbys, Notts, Lincs, Leics etc – to work in the Sheffield trades, light and heavy, and set up home here.

My mother, Mary Hannah Hopkinson, (born 1906), went to the original Woodside County School when she was 11, and then to Pye bank aged 13 to 14, then left to work at type founders Stephenson Blake.

When at Woodside she took her father’s dinner to him before school.

He was Matlock-born and worked as a grinder on Hollis Croft.

Her journey, from Birley Street, Neepsend, to Hollis Croft to school was all on foot, and if she was late, she was caned.

Really hard times, then, for children and adults.

Her brother, Charlie, was a miner, and cycled to Tankersley pit, then Treeton for the 6 o’clock shift, returning black faced, red eyed and bruised.

Mary and her sister took it in turns to wash his bruised back as he bathed in a galvanised tub in the evening.

Don Alexander

Knab Road, S7

Park Hill development

As a local resident in a block of flats in close proximity to Park Hill and a long-term supporter of the re-development of Park Hill flats, I was surprised and puzzled to receive an invitation to an exhibition of the ‘second phase’ as it arrived the day AFTER the event had been held.

Assuming that I am not alone in receiving the invitation too late to attend, (there are 67 more flats in my block who presumably had the same experience), and given that the expressed idea was ‘for local residents to see the plans, ask questions and provide feedback’ it is perplexing that the level of organisation behind the plans is apparently unable to arrange for this to happen effectively.

I feel bound to add that this is not the first contrary experience I have had with the organisation responsible for marketing the rejuvenated Park Hill site.

John Baker

Columbia Place, S2

Carlos Carvalhal

BT, Chesterfield, I’m surprised that anyone would comment on something said by Carvalhal without reading it properly first or getting a more intelligent person to explain it.

He did not compare the players with the Barcelona players but the situation i.e how either team would cope without several of its best players.

Also you can have as many glasses of water straight out of the tap any time you like.

Chris Gee

by email

School holidays

I can’t understand what all the fuss is about regarding taking kids on holiday during term time.

It’s time the Government did something about these money-grabbing tour operators and hotels that bump up the prices to fleece holiday makers – or perhaps parents could boycott foreign holidays for a couple of years to show how much these resorts need British holiday makers.

Past generations have always gone on holiday when they wanted and I don’t think it’s ever caused any world shattering events.

While on the subject of holidays, schools are saying that when children are absent from school it affects their learning.

Well can they explain to me why the kids are on holiday for a fortnight for Easter but instead of going back on the Monday the schools have added another day holiday on the end for a Baker Day, teacher training day, inset day or whatever they are called now?

Surely it would be better for the teachers to have these days in school, during the holiday period so the children don’t miss out on vital learning.

It’s not as though the teachers don’t have enough holidays in my opinion.

Dave M

by email

Get in touch

Can I put a requests in your newspaper to ask old pupils of Woodthorpe School, from 1950 to 1960, to contact me by e mail or I am on facebook.

Wendy Wells

Help at Half Marathon

Thank you so much to the person who helped me up when I had a big fall at Banner Cross coming downhill at the half marathon.

I was a bit dazed, but still made it in 1h 48.

The Sheffield crowds were amazing!

James Leeson 
(bib number 8386)

Chelmsford, Essex 
(Sheffield native!)

Rainbow Trust Charity

It’s hard not to notice an abundance of Easter eggs lining shop aisles as families, (mine included), prepare for a happy Easter celebration together.

I count myself incredibly lucky though, because for thousands of families caring for a life threatened or terminally ill child, the luxury of family time together is one they can’t take for granted.

I am a proud supporter of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity that supports over 2,000 families in England caring for a seriously ill child.

This Easter, Rainbow Trust’s network of Family Support Workers will be doing everything they can to help make life a little easier for these families by providing emotional and practical support.

It might be helping families be together by transporting them to hospital, or supporting brothers and sisters to mark Easter by making cards and cakes.

It could be giving a few precious hours of respite to parents so they can be with their other children away from medicines, doctors and hospitals.

Please spare a thought for these families this Easter and, if you can, donate to Rainbow Trust, to help support even more families as they face their worst nightmare. Just visit or text RAIN18 £3 to 70070 to make a £3 donation (By donating via SMS donors agree to be contacted via SMS message by Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Nell McAndrew


The Grand National

I was very impressed with the way the Grand National horse race at Aintree in Liverpool was organised.

The start of the race with the line up went well and, best of all, the horses were treated with respect at the end of the race.

The jockeys dismounted and the saddles were taken off immediately, the horses were watered down and led away. The jockeys continued on foot. A great outcome for all concerned especially for animal rights.

EB Warris

by email