Wonderful market venue

Sheffield city centre. The Moor Market.
Sheffield city centre. The Moor Market.
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On a recent trip to London I was taken to Borough market.

What a wonderful exhilarating place.

There was every type of food and drink imaginable, beautifully displayed, radiating from a central point towards a ring of eating and drinking stalls and cafes.

It’s a large building similar in size to the Moor but with lots of character and colour. This is just what is needed in Sheffield and situated in the right spot for our fantastic suppliers to create a truly wonderful venue.

Please relocate the fancy goods and clothing etc. to the area near the entrance, give the food and drink the prime spot, (not pushed to the back corners), and allow them full reign to show off their wares. Also new and exotic lines need to be encouraged.

What an attraction that could be.

Enid Wilkinson

Celandine Gardens, S17