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A strike is being held today by First Leeds bus drivers.
A strike is being held today by First Leeds bus drivers.
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Wednesday, weather fine and sunny, no wind , but it was just to good to last.

Our wonderful bus service reared its terrible head once again.

‘Er indoors and yours truly made our way to the 56 Herdings bus stop in Cumberland Street after spending a few shekels in town.

We had an inkling that there could be a rogue bus driver who actually keeps to the timetable, so we merrily skipped to Cumberland Street for the the one that left Pond Street at 11.01, which usually gets to Cumberland Street at around 11.06. We did miss it but that didn’t matter as the next would leave Pond Street at 11.13. That didn’t arrive, the next one was 11.25, but that didn’t arrive either.

We were out of water and food now and the rest of the natives with us were starting to get delirious through dehydration.

We did our best to rally their spirits, telling them one would be leaving Pond Street at 11.36 and would reach us around 11.40.

We did see a 56 coming round the back of Atkinson’s but we thought it was a mirage, but no it was a real 56 bus.

We gathered our sick and dehydrated and boarded the bus, assuming the missing buses had been waylaid by rebels.

By the time we reached St Wilfred’s , the whole damn bus was cheering.

We couldn’t believe our eyes, the missing buses had joined us, so we continued in convoy until we arrived our alighting point on Leighton Road.

Another example of the excellent service provided by the First Partnership that they promised us.

I must add I never blame the drivers, if they are dispatched to another route leaving us with a missing bus, that’s management’s fault.

Vin Malone

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