Women of Steel

Three Women of Steel from our family
Three Women of Steel from our family
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I find it odd that the names of all the recipients of the medals including those no longer with us were not read out at the unveiling ceremony or at the very least would have been included in the roll of honour list printed in the special edition of the Star.

It would seem that those Women of Steel who are no longer with us were not to be included, or is the list provided inaccurate?

I know one name is missing and that is of my mother-in-law whose daughter received the medal on her behalf.

I assume this can be funded from the remaining funds of the collection.



n There are three Women of Steel from our family.

Blanche Walters is still with us, and is very proud of the medal and recognition after so many years.

The other two pictured above are Ruth Hill and Ruth Blake.

Colin Hill

by email

n Editor’s note: Sheffield City Council has not provided us with an updated list, despite requests.

Therefore, the Roll of Honour in Friday’s paper sadly consisted only of names submitted to The Star when we launched the campaign in 2009.

We would love to print the new list in full, and will do so should it become available to us.