Willing to walk away from a pathetic deal

EU Referendum
EU Referendum
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A rather exasperating thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I was with my mum walking through Wakefield, when a man in his 60s approached us both, holding a leaflet under our noses. I usually take leaflets and asked what it was for.

He rather sarcastically said: “Well, read it and you’ll find out”. I took a look and it was some political movement calling to an end to Racism in Politics.

Now I am a very political person, but I very rarely discuss politics in the street and I also failed to see any correlation between politics and racism, so I declined.

My mum asked what it was about as she didn’t have her reading glasses on.

I said, it is about racism and politics.

She also said no thank you and we began to walk away.

The gent shouted, “Oh, so you have no problem with racism and you want it in this country?”

Now, firstly I knew exactly what this guy was before he opened his mouth, and just the kind of person I cannot stomach.

You know the type, a bearded, sandal-wearing Leftie, whose extreme liberal views are enough to make me vomit.

Secondly, I was quite disgusted that this man chose to judge me and my mum purely on the fact we didn’t want to read this drivel.

I think I can just about get through my day without being racist towards anybody.

And my political leanings do not make me or anybody who thinks the same, racist.

I voted UKIP in the last Election and voted Conservative in this one.

I voted to leave the EU in the Referendum and do not regret that decision. That does not make me racist. It makes me a normal person who is expressing my democratic right to vote the way I want.

But it seems that many, political leaders and ordinary votes alike, believe their views are the only ones that are right and everybody else is wrong.

Take the EU referendum. The Lib Dems and Greens wanted a second referendum on the terms of Brexit, but not on the basis that if we reject the deal, then they would go back to the drawing board. Instead, if we reject the deal then we remain in the EU. And yet they say they respect the outcome of the referendum.

I can see the Brussels lot laughing their heads off. If Lib Dems or the Greens had got in, I can imagine the worthless deal we would have been given by Brussels, knowing full well that we would reject it.

At least Theresa May is willing to walk away from a pathetic deal.

Matthew Hobson

by email