Will Blades ever learn?

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Is it accidental or a deliberate policy to have unbalanced letters?

Perhaps I am a bit paranoid but when it comes to Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United there is no doubt that you are biased.

Last week there were four letters published on one day, three of which criticised the Owls as a team or their fans.

Only one though in praise of their fans. Unbiased?

This Monday someone wrote that Owls struggle to get 22,000 but they averaged more than 23,000 and the last three crowds averaged about 35,000.

It is fair to say that Blades crowds, albeit boosted by freebies are remarkable.

Would any other fans in the country fall for the perpetual lies fed them by United’s board like “game-changing investment by the Prince etc, not like Chelsea or Man City, more like Liverpool”

The promised improvement never arrives and never will under the present ownership, despite being blindly backed so foolishly by the fans. Will Blades ever learn?

Pierre Gee

by email