Wilderness awaits

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
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I am often bewildered by many of your readers blind faith in Jeremy Corbyn.

It is as if a Messiah has been found to take this country to the promised land of economic prosperity where money is no object because the rich will be taxed and banks made to grovel in a nuclear free socialist utopia.

Eighty years ago George Orwell considered the same problem in his book “The Road to Wigan Pier.”

He wrote “ I am sometimes amazed that Socialism has not established its self already, the working class ought to be flocking to the socialist cause, and if not, why not?”

The major reason he argued was that the working class were being “driven away” by a certain type of socialist, completely out of touch with their lives and aspirations.

Orwell complained bitterly that this type of socialist was “bearded”, “a vegetarian”, “teetotal”, “prim”, “a crank and a pacifist”.

In the leafy suburbs of our wonderfully diverse country many of these characters exist, usually on the back of gold plated pensions, the problem is one of them has just become the leader of the only credible opposition in our democracy.

Wilderness awaits.

Cameron Fleming

by email