Why was branch left?

Tree surgeon
Tree surgeon
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There was some very good entertainment to be had over the winter on our road.

I was really fascinated watching the tree surgeons perform, cutting back the huge trees that line the dual carriageway. They were swinging about up and down on ropes, clutching a chainsaw, then doing a Tarzan act to the next branch. Bollards were laid out and warning signs in place to warn and divert the traffic flow. All the trimmings were fed into a shredder.

When they had finished and gone I went to see what they had done.

I found they had taken a few trees out, but only lightly trimmed most of the others. It was hard to see what pruning had been done. A lot of the trees need to be cut back very hard, not just the easy soft growth.

To top it all, I was in my front garden on Saturday, February 27 and heard the awful sound of an HGV braking heavily, then a big bang.

I thought there had been a collision, but what had happened was he had pulled up on the edge of the carriageway and hit an overhanging branch. He was stuck good and proper.

He had to call out the HGV recovery people to free him. The large HGV was stuck for three hours.

They took several weeks seeing to these trees and it must have been surveyed, planned, risk assessed, costed and timed at great expense.

Why they failed to take out this branch beggars belief.

No harm done to the HGV driver except a dent to his lorry and his pride, but what if it had been a bus? That would have been a different story.

I think Prince of Wales Road needs to be re-surveyed and some serious pollarding done before there is a serious accident.

K Tomlinson