Why this omission?

Rotherham United v Ipswich Town
Skybet Championship
Rotherhams Danny Ward has a shot blocked by Luke Chambers
Rotherham United v Ipswich Town Skybet Championship Rotherhams Danny Ward has a shot blocked by Luke Chambers
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Ok, so Rotherham United have been relegated to League One after a shocking season but why was Danny Ward’s 12 goals not included in the list of Championship leading scorers in last Monday’s Star.

Paul Davis in his match report listed Danny’s goal-scoring achievement so why this omission?

Danny Ward has his critics but without his goals our record would be even worse.

Trevor Lilley

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This is nonsense

In the Star, Thursday, April 27, Councillor Peter Price stated the cost of the World Student Games was settled in 1992 and there have not been decades of debt – this is nonsense.

In September 2013 Sheffield City Trust repaid the Lloyds Bank debt covering the costs of construction of the WSG facilities. However, the repayment was made by further borrowing. The annual cost of servicing of this borrowing is £28 million pounds per year until 2024.

As I see it, if you pay off your mortgage to say Lloyds Bank by taking out a mortgage with Nat West, you are not settling it. You still have to pay the balance plus interest.

Just as Sheffield taxpayers are still paying for Sheffield City Council’s decision to host the games. Leeds saw the train wreck coming and wisely passed on hosting the games. Good call.

Terry Tiller

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Is enough really enough?

Well done Mr or Mrs “retired taxpayer” of S10, (letters, April 27). You’ve fallen for the oldest trick in the Tory book: divide and rule, make us look downwards on the less fortunate instead of upwards where our anger should be directed.

This is a rich country. If the top 1 per cent were taxed properly we could afford to provide sanctuary to desperate refugees and fund our public services.

The fact that we aren’t is because the country keeps voting in Tory governments. And that’s possible because people like you fall for their tricks so easily.



Memories of St Tevez Day

Mr H, I bet it’s years since you admitted to being a Blades fan and I can perfectly understand why you are getting a bit giddy, even though you failed to win 16 of your games and managed to score less than the mighty Scunthorpe and Rochdale and the same as Bristol Rovers and Peterborough at home. That’s great isn’t it?

I have been going to Hillsborough, just voted the best ground in the Championship by the way, since 1948 and I have in fact been a season ticket holder for the last 54 years.

We Owls have had some really bad times over the years but less than the Blades of course, and Owls fans can at least remember some excellent footballers in the not too distant past.

I have to admit though that the Blades have provided me with one of my most enjoyable days watching the last Premiership matches in, I think the 2007 season, which for ever will remembered fondly as St Tevez Day.

Chris (wind-up merchant) Gee

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No slap on the wrist

It just makes you wonder how low a person will stoop to steal the charity money from Weston Park Hospital.

If the person responsible is ever caught they should do what they do in Asian countries. I believe they get their hands chopped off for stealing. Not like here, where they get a slap on the wrist.



Bottom of the swamp

As a Sheffield United fan of 50 years standing the club’s ability to shoot itself in the foot never ceases to amaze.

After a great season which has made going to Bramall Lane a real treat again, the club has decided to muddy the waters of what should have been a great celebration on Sunday by, it appears, re-signing Ched Evans.

Evans’ crass behaviour was responsible for United missing out on promotion before. Whether what he did was legal or illegal, it was certainly immoral. For all United fans, (and manager, and players, and backroom staff), with daughters, would you like them to be treated in the way that Evans behaved?

Come on United, take a lead, surely we don’t have to live at the bottom of the amoral football swamp at the very moment we are on top of the world.

John Batty


I wanted to be a florist

What is it with careers officers in the ’80s?

I had the same experience as Matt Coyne.

The day came, you were given a book with jobs you could do, and you were asked what you wanted to do?

I said I want to be a florist. I can still see his face, it was like he had something stuck in his throat. He regained his composure, no, no he boomed, that’s not a job, you must work in a bank or an office.

Naive 15-year-old me replies, oh OK, so that was it, 30 years a pen pusher.

It reminds me of Gemma Numan, she told her career officer she didn’t need a job as she was going to marry the one and only Gary Numan.

She was called a fantasist but a few years later she did indeed marry Gary.

Maybe I should have said I was going to marry Roger Taylor from Duran Duran, maybe it might have come true.

Jayne Grayson

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Guess who gets my vote

We are off and running! More electioneering promises of Utopia from Labour leader Corbyn and Lib-Undems leader Farron. Where have we heard that before?

All Tory leader May asks for is a firm mandate to negotiate more strongly with the EU.

Can anyone see Corbyn as the leader of the country when he can’t even lead his own MPs?

Likewise with the aptly named ‘Muppet’ Farron who on his own Brexit admission couldn’t care less about democracy if it doesn’t go his way.

So who do we vote for?

I could never ever vote for the Tory ‘nasty party’ nor the Labour Party with Corbyn in charge, never ever the Lib-Undems so who gets the vote?

Go on have a guess?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Longer contract

How refreshing to hear Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder whenever he is interviewed.

He is such a nice guy and his work ethic with the team is absolutely amazing.

He has honest players who want to play for him and Wilder has to be rewarded with a longer contract to stop clubs coming in for him in the summer.

Lee Johnson

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