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In the past I have been to vote at my local polling station within Sheffield Hallam and been astonished at the number of candidates on the ballot paper.

This year I have used the BBC “Find your Constituency and Candidates” link to see who was standing out of curiosity. It appears that there are six candidates.

I received enough fliers, letters and leaflets from the Lib Dems to wallpaper a small room.

Two items from the Conservatives, and two items from the Labour Party.

Nothing was received from the other three candidates.

Why were they standing?

Why was it too much trouble to send me a leaflet, invite me to a meeting, knock on my door, or put up a poster locally so that I know that they exist. I find it incomprehensible that I should be expected to identify candidates and policies via the internet.

Have others in different constituencies found a similar scenario?

Mary Jenkins

by email

Problems voting

Until this election, our polling station has been the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Severn Road, just off Whitham Road in Broomhill.

This year, the polling station is a room in a building which is part of Sheffield University Goodwin Sports Centre, this is off Northumberland Road, at the bottom of a steep hill in both directions and at least 200 yards from the nearest bus stop.

The building is at the bottom of a long, steep drive and vehicle access is limited by a card-operated barrier.

The polling station was actually an upstairs room, up two flights of stairs.

The lift was key-operated.

An intrepid wheelchair or buggy user could get to the building by following a zig zag route through the car park but the drive surface is poor and the hill steep.

Mobility-impaired people who do not use a chair or buggy would have serious problems.

An early warning of the change, and the unsuitability of the new venue would have allowed people who needed to, apply for a postal vote.

I cannot believe that the Goodwin Sports Centre meets the requirements of accessibility for a polling station.

I can only suppose that the imperative to attract more young voters has over-ridden any other consideration.

I should be interested to hear the official explanation!

Gillian Healey

Crookesmoor Road, Sheffield, S10

Work for a speedy Brexit

The recent general election resulted in all the Sheffield constituencies having a a Labour MP majority vote.

All of the incumbent MPs had an increased majority apart from one.

As a Liberal Democrat fanatical pro EU supporter, and previous constituency election promise breaker, it is debatable whether Nick Clegg’s demise will be mourned by many people.

His actions after the referendum majority leave vote were certainly ‘Liberal’ in the sense of making things difficult for the Brexit negotiating team, and definitely not ‘democratic’ when not fully accepting the outcome of the democratic process.

Similarly the incumbent Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Angela Smith, with a greatly reduced majority of 1,322 ( from 6,723 in 2015 ) should beware of following in Mr Clegg’s footsteps at the next general election.

This lady ignored the 61 per cent leave vote of her constituents and voted against Article 50 after the EU referendum. Could this be a reason for her loss of Labour support?

Labour party policy is to accept the referendum decision.

I trust that she will accept that fact, put aside her personal preference, and together with all Sheffield MPs work towards a speedy Brexit negotiated on the best terms for the benefit of our nation.

Cyril Olsen

The Meadows. 30 Busk Meadow. Sheffield S5

Ongoing tree saga

In reply to the chairperson of the tree huggers society, (SR, June 5), her comments of how valuable a part they add to our environment are well noted by the Star readers letters.

S Richardson says that she is sick of the situation with, Sheffield City Council, the tree surgeons, unwillingness to listen to (reason/her).

SR informs us of her medical disorder, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, whatever that has any bearing on the issue of the felling in our city is beyond me.

Also another tree hugger gives his unqualified opinion regarding a tree that was cut down on Gleadless Road.

Now there is a challenge to you at the Sheffield City Council. Why was this tree felled.

To conclude on this ongoing saga of tree surgery in our city, could we have a few comments from the contractors who are employed doing this work, with relevant facts.

Gerry Leckey

by email

Memories of Walter Drew

I, like Maureen Keeton, thought the Granton Edge was a fantastic cutting edge and like Maureen I’ve seen the imitations with the scallops in the middle of the blade where it does not do anything but just look daft.

I can remember while working at George Butlers on Sidney Street , which was a hop, step and a jump from Grants, that I was shown advertising leaflets about the Granton Edge by my supervisor Walter Drew.

This lovely man was as enthusiastic about cutlery as I was even though his expertise was knives.

He received the OBE for his tireless charity work for cystic fibrosis and his years in the cutlery trade.

He was presented with it at work in the inspection warehouse.

After he retired, I lost track of him and he died.

It was Walt who taught me to serrate and scallop among other things.

Walt also loved the Granton Edge and today you would be pushed to be to buy something as good, so Maureen, you have something that not many people have and as for your dad’s comments on Viner’s, that was so true.

Vin Malone

by email

Martin Dawes stuffed effigy?

I gather that the York Street premises of the Star and Telegraph have now been sold.

Well Hartshead was the place where Joseph Gales set up his printing press and Montgomery got himself into trouble, Leng fulminated about the Outrages, the Flood, Gang Wars, Blitz, the Football Specials and Green Uns were reported on and sent out for sale on the streets of Sheffield.

There was a plaque to that effect years ago but it vanished years ago.

Will we preserve a last venders shelter?

What about a stuffed effigy of Martin Dawes? Farewell do in Tricketts?

Ron Clayton