Why drill for gas here?

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Just outside South Yorkshire, four miles east of Bawtry, IGas Energy wants to drill to explore for shale gas. We are baffled why IGas deem this to be an appropriate place to drill.

Misson is a one through- road village and, thanks to quarrying, the TunnelTech mushroom growing company and Robin Hood airport, the IGas drilling will effectively hem the village in. The Misson villagers will be subject to increases in traffic, noise and odours from all directions.

The site is only 125 metres from the Misson Carr SSSI Nature Reserve. Natural England has said that there will be adverse air quality impacts that will affect the SSSI.

The site is on a Flood Risk 3a area (this means ‘high risk’) and IGas has failed the key Site Sequential Test.

The site is a former training ground for bomber crews and, as such, there is an unknown quantity of unexploded ordnance in the ground. And they want to drill there!

So why has IGas chosen Misson Springs in which to drill? Well, so far they have not provided a satisfactory justification. Rather, it is felt that the site was chosen for their convenience, logistics and security, rather than environmental and other material planning consideration.

Misson Springs is a shockingly poor choice of site. Will Notts County Council planning committee turn down IGas’ application? Will local people be listened to? Will localism be respected? Nottinghamshire County Council must say no.

It all starts with one well, and the next one could be in South Yorkshire.,

David Burley

Frack Free South Yorkshire