Why does the council allow this?

For sales signs in Sheffield. Picture: Andrew Roe
For sales signs in Sheffield. Picture: Andrew Roe
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What seems wrong to me and other council tenants is the practice of council tenants buying their home at a cut-price rate then a few years down the line deciding to sell their properties at a decent profit and applying for a two-bedroom council flat.

They get one, then they spend their profit from the sale of their ex-council house flitting around the world or just sitting in their new flat counting their money.

Surely this just cannot be right, people are desperate for homes and this kind of thing happens on a daily basis.

Myself and Mrs Green Giant are now on our own so our tower is just too big for us but we wouldn’t go for a council flat, nice as they are, but we would buy a smaller place.

I do realise that the money that’s received for selling a council house doesn’t exceed £100,000 so that wouldn’t really buy a nice two-bedroom flat but they could rent privately instead of taking a council property out of the reach of someone who really needs it.

I cant explain why the council allow this but it seems to be legal.

The Green Giant

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