Why be afraid to name and shame?

'Yes Minister,'
'Yes Minister,'
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I can’t believe what I read this week. At first I thought it was the script from an upcoming episode of Yes Minister .

It seems an enquiry into peers who enjoy House of Lords perks without doing any work was dropped to avoid a press storm.

Former Lord Speaker Baroness D’Souza said she halted her study because it would have involved a degree of naming and shaming.

Now it’s a well-known fact that they receive £300 per session and that they can sign in and sign out soon after and still get the whole sum.

We also see on Facebook pictures of Lords supposedly earning that money with their heads back, eyes shut, mouth open, actually SLEEPING.

In any other employ if you get found sleeping on the job you’re down the road.

These are the people who are supposed to have a say in how the country’s run.

As someone once said: “We cannot have people loafing about doing nothing and expect the state to finance their lifestyle.

So come on Baroness D’Souza carry on with your enquiry, why should you be afraid to name and shame if it’s needed.

If it was somebody claiming benefits it would be all over the press and a TV programme made to name and shame.

The Lord’s have no God – given right to taxpayers’ money if they are not earning it.

I bet the £300 is just the tip of iceberg, what with subsidised meals and subsidised bar and all other “expenses” they can get away with.

Another famous quote was “We are all in it together”.

I wish.

Dave M

by email