Why are we way behind?

city centre buses
city centre buses
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When is the Government going to deliver a fully integrated transport system to all major cities and towns in this country?

Like many other European countries, Holland where I have just returned from have done just that and are now reaping the rewards of their investment.

From Schiphol Airport I had a choice of train or bus to get me to Amsterdam, and from the main railway station there I was able to get to other places by either train, metro, trams and buses.

Back home in Sheffield, I am now reduced to the train and tram from Midland Station with the buses from my area of the city going far short of the Interchange at Pond Street.

Who knows, one day we may just get a system that many MPs, local councillors, and we the travelling public are calling for, until then, I suppose we shall all have to put up with what we have.

Why is it that other parts of Europe are way ahead of us?

John Yale

High Green