Who makes council pay for mistakes?

Museum exhibit
Museum exhibit
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I got back to the car with my two kids after visiting the Weston Park Museum.

The kids were amazed at the real “mummy” display from 600 BC.

Imagine my horror, not from looking at the mummy, but when I caught sight of a gleaming orange and black sticker plastered on my windscreen.

It was a parking fine... or if you like a penalty charge notice from Sheffield City Council.

I almost wanted to scream. My nice day out with the kids was shattered.

They get you every time you make a mistake, don’t they?

Ironically, it’s the hard-working tax-paying citizens who don’t usually step out of line who get penalised.

Those who commit crimes like driving through a red light or speeding at 60mph down a 30mph road often don’t get caught.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of getting the time my ticket expired wrong, so now I have to pay the price.

But hang on a second!

What about the mistakes the Sheffield City Council makes?

Who makes them pay for their billion dollar mistakes?

Here’s a list...

New Town Hall, (Egg Box), built in the 1960s and knocked down in the 1990s.

Why break down a perfectly good structure built with taxpayers’ money?

If they didn’t need that building why did it get built in the first place?

Bad planning by Sheffield City Council.

Sheffield Supertram built in 1980s, with tax-payers’ money.

The Council couldn’t make it pay so they sold it to Stagecoach who made a profit straightaway in the first year.

Why couldn’t the council make it pay?

A case of bad management by Sheffield City Council.

Don Valley Stadium was built in 1990 for the World Student Games.

The perfectly good stadium was destroyed in 2014 because they couldn’t afford to run it.

They couldn’t make it pay like they couldn’t make Supertram pay.

Another bad decision, bad planning and bad management.

Let’s face it, the only thing the Sheffield City Council is good at is issuing parking fines.

Geraldine Rhodes

by email