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Some people, including Veronica Hardstaff, make reference to “the continuing debate” regarding Brexit. There is no debate. This ended on June 23 with a massive seven-figure majority in favour of leaving the EU.

What we have now is whingeing and moaning and scheming and plotting by the Remoaners.

Just look at who the principal Remoaners are:-

Blair: told us lies and took us into a war which has destabilised the Middle East for generations to come and helped give rise to ISIS. He even tried hard to take us into the Euro. The man is toxic.

Clegg: presided over the near annihilation of the Lib Dems who remain dismally fourth in the opinion polls.

Farron: the nodding donkey, a truly pathetic creature. I know the Lib Dems only have a handful of MPs but surely they can do better than that.

Sturgeon: following her own agenda for “bonnie Scotland” and trying to justify a second Scottish referendum, which she would probably lose, unfortunately.

Osborne: a leading exponent of the fear factor with his threats of an emergency budget, massive tax rises and mass unemployment. Still there and still slyly plotting to one day become prime minister.

Miller: an immigrant who now puts her personal gain before the good of the country which took her in.

Rogers: our ex utterly useless ambassador to the EU. Badly let down Cameron in his failed attempt to get a deal before the Brexit vote. More of an EU ambassador to the UK than an UK ambassador to the EU. More of his kind should go.

How can anybody follow the lead of this wretched motley bunch of losers is totally beyond me.

Here’s to a seriously hard Brexit.



Sort out mess in Middle East

So now we’ve got warmonger Tony Blair coming out and telling the sore losers “the remainers” to rise up and stop Brexit happening.

You would have thought a man who had been Prime Minister would understand what the meaning of a democratic vote is.

Why didn’t he come out after the Conservatives won the general election and say that this is not what we want and urge the public to rise up against it? He didn’t do that because he knew Labour had lost the vote, just as the “Remainers” had lost the referendum vote to stay in Europe.

Why can’t they get over the fact that more people voted to get out than voted to stay in? Cameron realised he had lost the vote so he got out.

The fact of the matter is that people didn’t believe all the lies the “Remainers” were spouting all the way through the build-up to the vote.

I would tell Blair to get back to sorting the mess out you and your American buddy made in the Middle East.

No wonder he’s always smiling, making millions out of the mess he caused.

To the rest of the “Remainers” get your dummies back in your mouths and find a worthwhile cause to fight.

Brexiteer, Dave M

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Probably a bit skint

I sympathise with you Bob, even though I am a massive Owls fan.

In the ’90s I was in the process of getting a football team up and running and in order to raise some funds I wrote to all our local sports teams, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Eagles, Sheffield Sharks and the Sheffield Tigers speedway and asked them to kindly donate something we could raffle.

Every one of them donated two complimentary tickets for their next home matches, all except my beloved Owls, who sent a pennant, worth about two bob, which I promptly threw in the bin.

OK that was back then when they were probably a bit skint so I’m a little surprised Bob, that they haven’t changed under our new regime.

Ted Fowler

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Best to stick together

I didn’t vote to leave the EU because I think it’s best to stick together but there are things that are happening that I don’t want my country involved in.

I think immigration is a hot topic and if people were asked why leave, that would be the answer.

Some want to leave the EU, some want to stay.

Just because it’s not the outcome many people are wanting, doesn’t mean that the leavers are not intelligent enough to make this decision.

It’s happening, so that’s that.

Jayne Grayson

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Non-Yorkshire gobbledegook

I read with interest the NHS letter, (Star, February 24), from Natalie Bennett, Green Party Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Central.

What attracted me to her letter was the headline of ssdddfff/dfdfffff fd

I suspect that Natalie is not of Yorkshire origin as we have a reputation for plain speaking. To be fair to her, reader’s letter headlines are usually determined by the Star editorial team.

This being the case have you decided to have a new letter conundrum feature to attract further attention from your readers?

If so, you have certainly puzzled me. Can you please enlighten us with an explanation of ssdddfff/dfdffff fd – or is this non-Yorkshire gobbledegook ?

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Footnote: Apologies for setting you an unintentional conundrum, Cyril. It was just a case of us forgetting to write the headline.

The merits of the pork pie

According to some, we are on the verge of Apocalypse Now with the visit of President Trump.

Anyone remember the visit of Emperor Hirohito to Britain in 1971?

Never mind, the stiff upper lips of Sheffielders are unconcerned and focused round the merits of pork pie.

Sorry Cyril et al but try out Beres, Billingtons, Crawshaws and Funks all in Hillsborough, S6.

Best with brown sauce and Cunninghams pickled onions.

Ron Clayton


Today or tomorrow

It really is very shoddy of your two journalists who compiled the What’s On page on Wednesday.

It said Runaway was on at The Horse&Tiger at Thorpe Hesley, and on the same page that Ken the Hat’s open mic night was at the same venue on the same night.

Was this simple fact not checked?

It’s no use having information that’s not fact.


by email

Footnote: Sorry Bill, but you failed to notice that Ken the Hat was under the heading today, (Wednesday), and Runaway was under the tomorrow heading, (Thursday).