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Theresa May
Theresa May
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Did Paul Kenny fail to understand any part of my letter or is he, by twisting my words, just practising for a future career in politics? Or maybe, as my sister Candy maintains, he’s just winding me up.

He seems to imply that Theresa May’s victory comes as a shock to me, when, in fact I told him quite clearly: “You have many allies, both in the media and in the political elite, who are at this moment, preparing the way to change our nappies”

Also, I never said that the public vote had ‘kicked all politicians in the teeth.’ On the contrary, I think the opposite is more likely. For his information, even though the majority of the Conservative, parliamentary party were always going to be opposed to a Brexit Prime Minister, and their bullying has paid off, I consider Mrs May to be, probably, the best of the rest.

She will, of course, come under pressure to force an unnecessary general election. If these same Labour politicians refused the call for an election after changing their Prime Minister, then why should she listen to them now?

I think we all should give Theresa the opportunity to prove herself. Unlike some of the more intolerant members of the Remain camp, I will judge everything on the outcome.

I was an avid Labour supporter until Tony Blair changed it to a party that now sneers at the lower classes.

Remember Paul, some people think for themselves, and adjust to changing situations, while others, slavishly, follow their own Judas goat.

Which type are you?

Willy Everlearn

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