Which town is Peter in?

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I go into Doncaster most weeks to shop and meet friends and I don’t recognise the town that Peter Davies describes in his article.

I see a town that has benefited hugely from the improvements that Peter tried to stop when he became mayor until he found the penalty clauses written into the developers’ contracts made that uneconomic.

So if Peter Davies had his way we wouldn’t now have Sir Nigel Gresley Square, the new council offices or our beautiful new theatre Cast.

The current mayor and council have also been successful in securing more regeneration funding to continue the redevelopment of our town.

Well done to them.

The main aspects of Peter’s mayoral term that I remember are infighting and disagreement which paralysed the decision-making process.

It’s a shame that Peter can’t find it in his heart to recognise anyone else’s achievements and celebrate the many improvements that a lot of hard work and vision have brought to Doncaster through people working together.

I look forward to seeing Doncaster continue to improve and develop over the coming years under the guidance of the current mayor Ros Jones.

Wendy Hattrell

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