Where’s the democracy?

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In her recent letter, Alison Teal offers scant information to back up her assumption that we still need the EU. Information vital for those unable to access the many sources available to the public before the referendum.

Rudely, she suggests an arrogance in those wishing to leave the EU because they dare to imagine we could go it alone and questions whether we want to live in ‘Fortress U.K’

Alison, on December 17, 2015 the European Commission proposed plans for an EU army and a 2,500-strong border and coastguard force to be sent to seal off routes into the 28 member bloc.

Jean-Claude Juncker said it would see the proposed paramilitary force have the power to take over control of a nation’s borders even without the consent of a country’s own government. This proposed Fortress EU is a result of the EU’s own disastrous immigration policies!

As for arrogance, I suggest Alison suffers a measure of it herself if she feels we need her to tell us we must consider the long-term implications of our vote for future generations. These people will be our, and their, offspring! Has she such a poor view of the wider public that she believes we would readily put their future at risk?

Why do we need the EU in order to communicate, collaborate or learn from a wider community? People have been doing that for centuries, not only across Europe but the wider world.

Alison claims Leave campaigners argue the EU is undemocratic. Well there may be a measure of democracy within its structure but its higher echelons have the ultimate power to block proposals preventing them becoming Treaties.

For further demonstration of lack of democracy, I refer Alison to the border force proposals above.

Furthermore, how many people know what their M.E.P’s are saying on their behalf or even know who they are?

Judging by the now desperate drive, by both sides, to suddenly inform us, I would suggest very few!

Where’s the democracy in that?

The idea of a United States of Europe has been floated from as far back as 1923 but that was envisaged as an organisation based on the principle of workers’ rights, dignity and justice. Today, the present organisation appears to be heading towards a dictatorship and subordination of the masses.

Mary Steele

Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross, S5