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Where do we start answering Susan Richardson’s convoluted arguments?

Firstly she complains that people like me refer to her lack of intelligence and selfishness in voting for Brexit. I and others have not referred to her intelligence but I have stated that she doesn’t know what she has voted for on the basis that there are two years of negotiation to be had before any of us know what Brexit will mean for us.

Unbelievably, she then declares that “young people and spiteful Remainers” have acted out of some kind of revenge by plunging the country into turmoil. Revenge against whom? And surely the remainers didn’t plunge the country anywhere. They didn’t call a referendum, or the election. The Tories did that.

If that is not enough, she states that voting for a party which is not her own preference is a “selfish act” and unable to resist another dig at the younger generation she declares those not of her political persuasion as “gullible” in voting for Jeremy Corbyn on the basis of his manifesto. Presumably, like most of her kind, she wants them to vote on his suit or his shirt.

Firmly on the bandwagon she criticises Corbyn for talking decades ago to Sinn Fein, a legitimate democratically elected party, not as she states, a terrorist organisation. This was his attempt to bring about peace in Northern Ireland. Whereas he did this quite openly it has emerged that Margaret (“I will never talk to terrorists”) Thatcher was busy sending her envoy in total secrecy to do the same. Theresa May, now that it suits her, is happily getting into bed with the DUP which has its own military connections.

The irony is that Susan Richardson implies that Teresa May has failed, yet hopes that the Conservatives will lead us out of the EU – a procedure which they were strongly against until the results of the referendum.



We should be grateful

Susan Richardson’s desire to see every aspect of Britain’s social, economic and political life sacrificed on the altar of an uncompromising Brexit borders on the pathological, (letters, June 15).

With the country staggering under the yoke of a callous and economically illiterate response to the global crash, we should be grateful to all those young people who voted, (many for the first time), to replace the incompetent and dangerously deluded incumbents with a party whose leader possesses the resilience and humanity needed for the Herculean task of guiding a fractious and divided nation to its post-Brexit future.

Had the young surged to the polling stations in order to endorse the vacuousness and relentless vilification that passes for political campaigning, (and indeed politics), in the upper reaches of the Tory Party, they would have triggered Susan Richardson’s approval and my despair.

Instead, I’m in the happy position of being able to thank them with all my heart. Their votes have played a crucial part in building the platform for a different kind of society, not the one they’ve inherited from their supposedly less ‘selfish and gullible’ elders, the one grotesquely disfigured by poverty and inequality, but a society in which everyone has access to the means for a decent life and, if they choose, the chance to flourish and contribute to the common good.

Kevin Hanson

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Election leaflets

I’m responding to Mary Jenkins who did not receive election leaflets from various parties in Hallam, (Star letters, June 13).

The Green Party attempted to deliver at least one leaflet in Hallam, Heeley and Brightside & Hillsborough using the Royal Mail general election “Freepost” scheme. Unfortunately, leaflets often arrived wrapped inside junk mail advertising, going straight into the bin without being seen.

A number of errors were reported to me – Hallam and Heeley leaflets were delivered in Central a long way from the constituency borders.

I believe a lot of people did not get our Royal Mail delivered leaflet and I can only apologise for that omission. Royal Mail may want to comment too.

It should be noted that general elections called with no notice create major organisational difficulties for all parties. The Tories could plan ahead knowing the election date but we couldn’t. Our campaign was almost entirely led by volunteers, many of whom have full time jobs. In these circumstances, fully engaging with people across 45,000 constituency households is simply not possible.

Eamonn Ward

Election Agent, Sheffield Green Party

Boring Radio Sheffield

Why do people keep going on about Toby Foster on boring Radio Sheffield?

From what I have heard at least he appears to sound lively and tries to be funny.

The other presenters just don’t seem with it at all and this is probably why people over 70 listen to the radio station.

Lee Johnson

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No smoke without fire

As a tenant living in a high rise in Sheffieid and due to the outcome of the fire in one of Londons high-rise housing blocks it makes one feel very uneasy, although I have been put at ease by various people that every thing is OK.

But saying that these advisers don’t live in a high rise and probably haven’t a clue about the building or whether there are sprinklers fitted, the building has cladding on the outside but no information of what it consists of and why it was fitted in the first place. It’s the same old story, there is no smoke without fire, and by then it’s too late.

EB Warris

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Wm Grant & sons

I recently had a letter printed on your letters page, and was delighted to see a reply from Mrs C Burley, whose father Bill Crookes worked at Wm Grant & Sons.

I wrote to Mrs Burley, to let her know that, yes I did know him. Unfortunately my letter has been returned, I would like her to know that I knew the people she mentioned and would love to contact her.

Maureen Keeton

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You made our day

Thank you to the wonderful Star for getting Toby back on our radio.

You are the best. You have made our day.

Irene Glen


DM should be PM

What a superb letter from DM in the Star, June 17, if only the country’s leaders would take note.

Deport all these jihadists all their families and known associates, the do-gooders and liberal softies should be locked up with them and DM should be PM.

John Vintin

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