When democracy and trust mattered

Tower of London
Tower of London
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In the magnificent film The Dam Busters, the scene on the evening of the raid in which squadron leader Guy Gibson finally discloses to his crews what the targets over Germany are, he doesn’t stop there.

He continues highlighting that total secrecy was more important than all the previous preparations and training and to fail to do this would most likely lead to very serious consequences and failures.

Fast forward 75 years when the nation again stands alone, some MPs and parliamentary services, (Remoaners), are openly conniving with EU leaders significantly weakening our negotiating strengths.

A recent letter from Susan Richardson reminding us that some 200 years ago traitors were hanged or sentenced to imprisonment in the Tower of London, in my opinion is very relevant.

Nowadays deportation would avoid any physical punishments.

Comforts in the Tower would meet present prison standards plus, probably, EU curtains with 27 flags.

However, demands for £300 per day are out of the question.

Portraits of Barnier etc. allowed and old EU flags with 28 stars allowed for doormats.

Just as I am sure that this will never happen, it’s looking like many people will never vote again for anything connected with Westminster as democracy will then be dead.

Many will, however, re-watch the Dam Busters which was within a period of our history, fortunately, when democracy, trust, independence, Queen (King) and country mattered.

Mike Dodgson