Wheel of fortune delivers Ian a gift

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HOW the ’ell did that get there?

That’s what Ian Hinchliffe was asking after finding this – what seems to be a 19th century grinding wheel – buried in his garden.

The 38-year-old steel worker stumbled on the monster sandstone wheel while transforming part of his lawn into a vegetable patch.

“I had no idea what it was – but I broke two of my spades and spent a day and half just trying to get it out,” says the father-of-two, of Pingle Road, Millhouses, Sheffield.

“I had to dig about four feet down and four feet round – but it’s not every day you find something like that in your own yard, is it? It was heavy to get it out but I’m a big lad so it was okay.”

Chances are, it seems, it came from one of the old industrial mills which once dotted the neighbourhood and was probably used to sharpen saw blades, although there are no markings or writing to identify it.

But now it’s going to stay at Ian’s – as a garden feature.

“I reckon it will look pretty good as part of a home-made table out in the garden,” he says.

“It will certainly be a talking point when people come round.”