What’s the worst that could happen?

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I’ve just read a front page story in one of the weekend papers which probably not every editor will have run with but it got me thinking.

In essence, a young mum was refused validation of her parking ticket and, incidentally, not credited with her reward points, by a leading supermarket chain because, wait for it, she had only shopped for formula milk to feed her baby with.

Before condemning the retailer it is worth recording that they were prohibited from allowing their usual rules to apply because of EU regulations!

Leaving aside that old chestnut about ‘What on earth has supermarket parking and reward points got to do with Brussels anyway?’ I just began to think what the consequences might be if we (the UK) ignored this particular regulation. A stern look from Mr Jean-Claude Juncker perhaps? A substantial fine perhaps? An even bigger fine if we refused to pay the first one?

Ooh, it’s getting serious now! We might even face expulsion from the EU club... Oh, hang on a minute!

Seriously, is it not high time we started asserting our post-Brexit rights and show the rest of Europe we are not going to be messed with?

After all, our prime minister was refused access to an EU summit meeting a couple of months ago when presumably, our EU ‘subs’ were paid up to date and we have not as yet pressed the ‘Article 50’ button.

If the Government’s proposed appeal to the Supreme Court fails and our MPs, in a moment of madness, vote not to invoke Article 50 we could always leave it up to Tesco to get us out of Europe.

Alan Smith

by email