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Congratulations to Sheffield voters (51 per cent), on a large turnout (67 per cent), to leave the anti-democratic political institutions of the EU. Voters, from all parties and none, delivered a majority vote to leave the EU, rejecting the rigid EU political dogma - facilitated by Britain’s political parties – that has politically subordinated everyone.

Right across Yorkshire there was a democratic revolt against the EU and our own political elites. Contrast the wisdom of Sheffield voters with the voting records of Sheffield MPs who have all consistently “voted for more EU integration”.

Sheffield MPs have been given a very clear instruction: political subordination to the anti democratic political institutions of the EU is over and your electorate requires you to support and vote for the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU. I invite each of you to formally confirm that you accept and will comply with the clear instructions given to you by the voters of Sheffield.

For voters a key thing to watch out for that shows your instructions are being complied with by your MP is their support for the activation of the Article 50 exit clause in the EU Treaty-the safest and only way to leave the EU. Please contact your MP and ensure that they will support an Article 50 exit. The exact timing of the activation will be decided by the new government, probably after some advance scoping discussions with the EU. Once activated a two year timetable then begins to negotiate a new relationship prior to final exit.

Voters can be reassured that a thoroughly researched EU exit plan (which civil servants are already reviewing), enabling a phased, safe and economically neutral exit exists, a summary of which can be found at:http://www.eureferendum.com/themarketsolution.pdf. The full plan is available here: http://www.eureferendum.com/documents/flexcit.pdf. Voters may wish to ask their MP to support this plan.

John Wilkinson

Bateman Rd, Rotherham, S66