“What is the relevance of him being an immigrant, and being the Lord Mayor?”

Magid Magid
Magid Magid
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Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid says he took up politics because he wanted to tackle racism, but he’s the one who made a point of telling everyone that he was an immigrant.

Had he not done so, most of us might have assumed he was born in Sheffield. What is the relevance of him being an immigrant, and being the Lord Mayor? It’s not where he was born that matters, it’s how he carries out his duties.

He tells us that being different is a positive thing. If some person is laid on the pavement unconscious on spice, that’s pretty different, but I wouldn’t call it a positive thing.

He tells us that immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers all enrich our society. Most people would probably not disagree with that, as long as it’s kept in context. For Instance, it was revealed today that in Willesden, London, 76 per cent of children born there are to immigrant mums. That is going to change the entire demographics of the area in the next decade or so, as well as putting pressure on schools, housing, jobs and health. There might be a few of the indigenous population in Willesden, and other places, that don’t feel enriched by the situation they are in.

How’s Magid going to tackle it if the same problems arise in Sheffield? He should have said: “Controlled immigration can, in some cases, enrich society, but not take it over”.

In an interview in the national press he also casts aside our traditions, saying that it was once traditional that women couldn’t vote, but he thinks that you can’t carry on a certain way just because someone says so.

Well, it’s not traditional to wear burkhas in this country, so why isn’t he out changing that?

He apparently seems to be having a good time appearing on chat shows abroad, with possibly Brussels, Germany and New York next year.

The national paper asks: “Do the people of Sheffield really wanting him gadding around New York, or at home making sure the bins are collected properly?”. Seems like a fair question. I wonder what the readers of the article nationwide think of him? Maybe Magid’s globetrotting is about working himself to celebrity status and a lucrative future in media?

Had Magid accepted the role of Lord Mayor, and quietly gone about the job and done it with a bit of respect for other people, other people’s property, and other people’s views, without making a big thing about being an immigrant, then he might well have done a good job.

S Collins

Sheffield, S5