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I just cannot understand why the ‘remoaners’ are ignoring the democratic facts on Brexit.

A majority 51.9 per cent voted to Leave the EU with 48.1 per cent voting to Remain.

There are figures showing total parliamentary constituency voting as Leave 439 and Remain 211. A majority to Leave.

UK voting parliamentary figures show Leave 263 (68.85 per cent) and Remain 119 (31.15 per cent). A majority to Leave.

So, what is the problem? Do the remainers prefer a EU dictatorship?

I as a Brexiteer certainly do not and am quite happy to go along with the democratic decision of our people on any subject.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Money is being wasted

I cannot believe that 50 to 70 people in Sheffield assisted by the visit of Mr Gove MP are demonstrating against tree felling.

Why are they being cut down and replaced by smaller trees?

The roots of these huge trees are damaging the pavements and with the claims from people breaking wrists and whiplash injuries multiplied by adverts for ‘no win no fee’. Is it any wonder our council has taken action?

Don’t forget we have one of the greenest cities in England and our gardens all over the city are very admirable.

Why are the people who are concerned not getting more upset by homelessness, people going hungry, the bombing in Syria and the Yemen and the Windrush scandal?

It is beyond my comprehension.

The money being wasted on police protection for Amey workers at the moment is £47,000, which could be spent on crime prevention.

I say to the people who stood in front of the town hall, demonstrate on life-or-death matters, not on trivial matters.

B Gannon

Sheffield, S5

Detrimental to health

Regarding mental health issues which seem to be prominent in the news at the present time, I would like to say living in flats these days in many cases is detrimental to people’s health.

People can no longer see the difference between night and day.

I have had to go on anti-depressants after many years of people using washing machines, general cleaning and kitchen noise, well into the early hours. Parties until 5.40am were frequent at one time in the flat above me.

One couple would sleep all day and become active after midnight, (sex sessions and the woman howling). One woman called her the hyena.

Children running about in the top flats can be heard two floors below, any time day or night.

Earplugs do not work. A lack of good quality sleep is harming to general health.

I have been told not to use the vacuum cleaner at 9am by a very angry young man, the same man said I was too sensitive to noise which was taking place most of the night.

At the TA meetings, anti-social noise is always at the top of the agenda. Tenants need to be educated about unacceptable behaviour.

It has been proven sleeping at night rather than the day is beneficial to good mental health.

A Morris

Sheffield, S6

Kids don’t come cheap

I have one child, I realised they are not cheap to keep even with two wages, and I don’t rely on the taxpayer to pay for my son.

The Royals are very privileged, paid for by us, let’s not forget.

No one should be having kids if they cannot support them.

If you want the best for them and I am not talking about the latest trainers or Xbox, just the basics are not always cheap.

But the Royals don’t have to worry, we can always find more of our taxes to keep them afloat.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Monarchy costs 63p

Re: Jayne Grayson, (April 28), the Monarchy costs each taxpayer around 63p a year or £18.9 million per year total. There will be no savings to the taxpayer under a presidency.

Steven G

Handsworth, Sheffield

A bag of spice please

It’s uncanny that a man has been arrested for dealing in spice. In my day spice was a form of sweet like toffee which was delicious.

So why arrest someone for dealing in such a lovely flavoured or may I say mouthwatering, succulent, yummy scrummy, lipsmacking, luscious, candy. A bag of your old- fashioned toffees please, or should that be spice.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14

Naughty bus driver

A letter from CM Langan, The Star, Saturday, April 21, mentioned a bus driver nipping into a betting shop. This reminded me of an incident which must be about 40 years ago.

It was Christmas Eve and I was on the bus from Shiregreen going into town, needing to do some last- minute shopping. The bus stopped at the stop at Firth Park shopping centre and it took a while before I realised the driver had disappeared. We, on the bus, came to the conclusion he’d nipped to the public toilets which were then at the entrance to the park. Eventually, he appeared from the barber’s shop which was right at the bus stop in those days.

We had a laugh, imagining his wife saying “It’s Christmas Eve, don’t you dare come home until you’ve got your hair cut”.

Naughty, as CM Langan says, but that memory has stayed with me and I still chuckle when I think about it.

Barbara Thompson

Sheffield, S5

A lovely woman

Could I just thank a lovely woman who always has a bless you.

She’s about my mum’s age and has a West Indies accent and always looks immaculate and wears a hat .

I always seem to see her by Wilkos by the old market.

God bless you, love, if you’re reading and thanks.

Michael Dunbar

Upperthorpe, Sheffield