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Terry Fox
Terry Fox
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On Monday, December 28, 2015, Councillor Terry Fox was quoted in The Star as saying, “Solutions put forward by campaigners were, ‘already used’, including flexi paving which has on 143 occasions retained trees”.

I submitted a Freedom of Information request to Sheffield City Council regarding the ‘143 occasions’, and received a reply from the Council stating: ‘We have no information relating to flexi-paving being used to retain trees on 143 occasions’.

So, if Sheffield City Council have no record of this, where is Coun Fox getting this information from?

Could it be that this is yet another example of a statement being given as a, ‘fact’, by Coun Fox without any supporting evidence?

After receiving the FOI reply I emailed CounFox asking him to give examples of where roadside trees have been retained by using flexible paving.

Needless to say I have received no response from him.

The worst of these non-evidenced, ‘facts’, is his often repeated mantra that, ‘trees are only felled as a last resort’, which is obviously not the case, since he has been provided with a range of solutions that do not require healthy trees to be felled, solutions that are being used by many other councils.

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