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Cars  parked with two wheels on the pavement (Andrew Roe)
Cars parked with two wheels on the pavement (Andrew Roe)
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I am writing about people complaining about cars and vans parked on the pavement.

I am a retired HGV driver and there are many times I have done deliveries on estates and couldn’t get through because of cars parked on the road; getting out of the cab and knocking on doors to get them to move them.

The roads we’ve got in this country were built long ago when there weren’t a lot of cars.

You might get, twice a week, the rag-and-bone men and the greengrocers with their horse and carts. Now some families have two and three cars, so parking is difficult.

The best thing these people can do so they don’t get fined is to park on the road and see which services complain – First, dustbin lorries, fire service and ambulance service. When you’ve got roads that were built 60 years ago and are not wide enough, what do you expect people to do?

Mr D Matthews


Sensible policy

Sheffield is perhaps best known all over the world for its steel, but more recently we’ve become world renowned for another great export – our higher education.

International students bring with them culture and connections, raising Sheffield’s profile internationally which has undoubtedly contributed to recent big investments in our city from the likes of Boeing and big Chinese investors.

On top of that, the University of Sheffield’s research shows that international students make a £120m net contribution, when direct and indirect spending is balanced against factors such as the cost of students on local health services.

Yet, Theresa May has sought to clamp down on foreign students, counting them as immigrants at a time when it is seeking to reduce the headline migration figures.

However, recent research has shown that the British public seems to grasp what the British government is incapable of understanding – that students from overseas make a huge contribution to our economy, and indeed our society.

Research carried out on behalf of Universities UK shows that three quarters of the British public say they welcome foreign students after learning how much they contribute to the UK economy – which across the UK amounts to a staggering £26 billion.

At this time of uncertainty following the EU referendum, where the UK must forge new relationships with the wider world, the Conservatives’ nonsensical approach to international students is hindering their post-Brexit plans as India has made clear it will not do a trade deal with Britain unless we adopt a sensible policy on students.

The Conservatives, who once delighted in the title of ‘the party of business’, are prepared to lose all that money, risk new trade deals and jeopardise hundreds of thousands of people’s jobs to appease a few hardliners on the right-wing of their party.”

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed

Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Sheffield City Council

The baby’s in intensive care

I refer to Roger Marsh’s superb letter about the referendum etc. The baby has not yet perished and can be saved along with the NHS if the Tories are brought to account by the very people they coerced into voting to leave the EU on a mountain of lies about how Brussels has taken all our control away from us, aided and abetted by certain sections of the press.

Please do not let the likes of Boris Johnson, David Davis, Liam Fox, and of course Farage, take away the futures of your children and grandchildren by allowing Tory power to take control of your lives and pursue “their dream” of which THEY will be the only beneficiaries. Don’t give them any encouragement whatsoever at the local or general elections, they are not your friend. The “neglected” North will continue to be neglected by them whatever the outcome of Brexit negotiations which don’t look promising anyhow with the aforementioned buffoons trusted to do the job properly.

B Heaton

by email

Not very sensitive

I find it in bad taste that you gave all the praise and front page to ‘Prince Naseem’ on Thursday, April 13. He may have been good in his boxing days but don’t forget how he left a man fighting for his life with multiple fractures while showing off his high-powered car at Ringinglow.

That poor man is probably still suffering and seeing Naseem on the front page will open up all his wounds again.

Not a very sensitive thing for The Star to do or maybe the editor hasn’t been around long enough to know about this accident.



Glories long past

Councillor Peter Price would have the people of Sheffield “shouting from the rooftops”, shouting from the rooftops for glories long past, a glorious age of real Labour when Labour actually was of the common man for the common man rather than of common purpose for common purpose.

What we have running Sheffield at this point in time is so far removed from what Labour was as to be completely unrecognisable and I would say it is now all barring the name 100 per cent devolved from its political roots.

Councillor Peter Price is dining out on past glories.

He is an old man long past his sell-by date and it is time he moved on to a peaceful retirement, if he can find peace somewhere in Sheffield.

The working class estates of Sheffield such as Parson Cross, Page Hall, Firth Park, Darnall and Shiregreen are all now shadows of their former glories, even the higher end areas have been damaged by Sheffield Labour policy.

The best thing that could happen for Sheffield is the removal of Labour from the council chambers.

They are an inept embarrassment to us all with the current debacles of Smithy Woods and the Sheffield street trees as well as the historical mishaps such as the World Student Games that placed us in debt for decades, a debt that had to be restructured more times than Tinsley viaduct.

This is proof of their inability to govern anything more complex than the most simple of tasks without making an absolute pig’s ear of it.



Jockey’s whips

I understand Twisted Nerve’s concerns about the Grand National.

As far as I am aware the jockey’s whip is the energy- absorbing type which does not cause pain if used properly.

However, I agree overuse of the whip should not be tolerated.

EB Warris

by email