What do I do now?

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
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Another General Election and whichever way it goes it’s going to be a disaster for some of the people.

After voting Labour for more than 50 years, I didn’t vote for them at the last election because I wanted the chance to vote to get out of Europe. What I didn’t vote for was the continued austerity theme that the Conservatives claimed they had a mandate for, when most people voted on the basis of a referendum.

What do I do now? Do I vote to ditch Brexit, just to get rid of the Tory Government? Who in their right mind would want to see people in this country continuing to be ground down by draconian cuts?

If I vote to continue the fight for Brexit, then I am stuck with the Tories and something I do not believe in. On the other hand if I throw away my belief in Brexit and vote Labour, I may see a Labour Government I do not believe in either. Corbyn, Abbot and the rest are more likely to twin us with North Korea than fight to get us out of the EU.

It seems to me that both parties are more interested in their own agendas than what the people want. Voting for one thing in a manifesto doesn’t mean you have voted for the other things in the manifesto that are actually hurting the people around you. I despair of this country.



The choice is yours

I feel honour bound to write from the poop deck of my cruise ship in reference to Prime Minister May’s call for an early general election.

We, the electorate, have now got another great opportunity to rid ourselves of Farron’s Lib-Undemocratics, the 21-points-behind Corbyn Labour party and now even the Scots will have their chance to rid themselves of the hating-all-things-English Scottish ‘Krankie’ party, apart from our money we send them of course.

The Lib-Undemocratics have plenty to spout about but they polled only 7.9 per cent of the vote in 2015 being well beaten by UKIP who received 12.6 per cent of the vote. The Lib-Undemocrats won eight seats yet UKIP won one. Fair? I think not.

What a choice we have on June 8 –May, Corbyn, Farron or Nuttall? The main thing is make your vote count, either for a strong Brexit or a ‘roll over’ soft Brexit because that is what this snap election is about. The choice is yours.

Terry Palmer

from the poop deck of my cruise ship

Days are numbered

Jeremy Corbyn is excited for the election.

He obviously see things differently to most of us. Jezza, your days are numbered.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Informative local asset

In reply to Cyril Olsen’s letter about the lack of extensive national news in the Star.

My reasons for taking this excellent local newspaper include the very fact that I will not be subjected to politicised, editorial bias on any of the major news stories.

I have many ways of getting world information, including the television news channels, radio stations and the internet.

Many news sources have their own agenda so I prefer to try more than just one or two in an attempt to find the truth somewhere in between.

Among the things I enjoy about the Star, is the local news and sports coverage, Whitworth, the puzzle page, especially the cryptic crossword, and the letters page, where almost every opinion seems to be given space.

I also find necessary information in the ads pages. Sadly, I also check the obituaries for old friends.

I think that Mr Olsen is an excellent writer and I have really enjoyed some of his letters, but I fail to see why he wants to turn an informative and entertaining local asset into a Daily Mail or Express.



It is a lost cause

Can Firth Park/Page Hall become litter free? No chance whatsoever, in reply to Ted Fowler, by email, April 18.

Sheffield City council will not get through to these ignorant people who continue to drop litter in these particular areas. It is a lost cause these areas are a total disgrace for rubbish on the streets.

Lee Johnson

by email

That’s my job

How dare you, Twisted Nerve, get at poor EBW, (Star, Thursday, April 13)?

That’s my job.

And as for him not liking his backside whipping!

Do we really know that?

Justyn T


Please stop whispering

During snooker matches it is annoying when they whisper while commentating and then only raise their voices to an audible level when the audience applauds.

Surely their voice level should be the same as the referee.

You have to turn the volume up to hear them and then the applause is deafening.

This snooker coverage goes out globally and the commentating is not of a good enough sound quality.

D Wragg

by email

Keep up the good work

I note with some surprise that our worthy resident historian Vin Malone has been charged by one of your correspondents with “monopolising the Retro pages with his at-times boring column”.

I feel I really must spring to Vin’s defence on this as I am an avid reader of his articles, especially the “Does tha fancy a pint” series which is extremely well researched and which I find both interesting and amusing.

So take heart Vin and please keep up the good work.

Two more topical questions:

Firstly, when will we be able to acquire penthouses which command clear views of Sheffield Wednesday’s football pitch at Hillsborough?

Developers please take note.

Secondly, how come we now have to pay 75p for The Star but Londoners can still have their Evening Standard for nowt?

Answers on a postcard, please.

Gary Crosby

by email

Trees will look splendid

Re Celia Pinnington’s letter regarding the council tree-felling.

I agree that trees enhance the city and that the new trees will look splendid in a few years.

Remember the complaints and moaning when trees on Howard Street were removed while the street was improved?

New trees were planted and it is now a fine gateway from the station to the city centre.

Also, very importantly, it has been proved that young trees absorb more carbon dioxide than mature trees, so the city air will benefit for many years to come.