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Graham’s letter wonders if “Brexiteers” know what we voted for.

I did, but let me just comment on some of the things he said.

Firstly he states that we may end up retaining EU law and have to stay in the Single Market.

Correction, EU law will be transferred in to British law and can then be changed if we want to (something we couldn’t do while still in the EU).

According to Theresa May, we will be leaving the Single Market. It is only the leave brigade, including Labour and the Lib Dems that want us to retain membership of the Single Market.

Secondly, we may lose Scotland and Gibraltar because of our lack of knowledge of the facts.

Firstly, in regards to Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon stated after Brexit that she would hold off on a second independence referendum for now, if we remain in the Single Market. So she would have always held another referendum sooner or later.

And as for Gibraltar, Brexit is just another excuse for Spain to try and flex its muscles in regards to Gibraltar’s sovereignty.

Gibraltar voted in favour of remaining in the EU, but have accepted the results and according to the latest polls, still favour British sovereignty. Gibraltar’s future is solely the in the hands of Gibraltar, nothing whatsoever to do with the British or Spanish Governments.

He also states that recent reports state Donald Trump will favour a trade deal with the EU over the UK. But that doesn’t mean we will not get a trade deal and probably a little quicker than the EU.

I can really see what our government is up against, but we have a lot more in our favour as we are members of the club that have now decided to leave.

The EU has investment in the UK and relies on us heavily for trade so it is in their interest as well as ours to get a decent deal.

Lastly, Graham asks “So, Brexit supporters, are you sure you predicted and understood all these issues and their outcomes before you voted?”

Yes we did. In regards to Scotland, they are constantly threatening to leave, they would have even if we had remained.

As for Gibraltar, we would have need to be clairvoyant to predict that. As for the Single Market, we were all told by both Leave and Remain sides that we would be leaving the Single Market if we voted leave.

Now I shall ask you, Graham if you knew what you were voting for, ( I take it you voted Remain)? We were told by David Cameron that with the wonderful deal he negotiated, that we would have nothing more to do with the “ever closer union”, we would retain our pound and wouldn’t be involved with the EU army.

We would also have partial control on immigration from the EU, on the EU’s say so of course.

We were told more or less the day after by some Brussels cronies that we would eventually have to adopt the Euro and the EU army. So who was telling the truth? I can probably put my money of the Brussels Brigade.

So I would like to ask you the same question Graham. Did you understand the full issues before you voted?

My answer, Yes of course you did. You will be a well – informed, educated person (unlike us uneducated neanderthals who voted to leave) who exercised your democratic right to vote the way you wanted.

It may have been the right decision to you and many others, but the wrong decision to me and many others. Neither of us was right or wrong. It was a vote. It was won by 52 per cent.

Now let’s get on with it. Because, frankly, it is attitudes like yours and the likes of Gina Miller, Richard Branson etc who are holding things up and causing more uncertainty.

Matthew Hobson

by email

Is Peter Price proud of that?

I was interested in the latest letter from Peter Price, April 27, where he said that he was proud of Labour’s record in Sheffield.

I don’t doubt that he has been successful in his own area but what about the rest of the city, in particular the centre.

For the last 60 years the council have erected numerous buildings only for them to be demolished a few years later.

These are a few examples: Town Hall Extensions, Central Fire Station, Register Office, Don Valley Stadium, Sheaf Market, Flats at Hyde Park, Kelvin, Norfolk Park and Broomhall, Abbeydale Schools, Grange School, Norton College, Hole in the Road and Numerous subways.

Some of these have been rebuilt in another position.

I expect that Howard Greaves could produce an even longer list of historical buildings that have been demolished.

Then in a front-page article in The Star, April 29, the spokesman from the appointed company to develop the Retail Quarter, Queensbury Real Estate, states, what people have been saying for years, is that we are miles behind all the other major cities in the UK for city centre development.

Is Peter Price proud of that?

J Bunting


All round good egg

In answer to the letter by Mr EB Warris, or is it Mrs?

Can’t speak for Twisted Nerve (don’t know the chap), but for my friend Justyn T, who can only be described as an officer and a gentleman, one of the best and an all round good egg.

He does not criticise others, only you sir/madam.

And the next time you write anything sensible, it will be the first.

You say you won’t hold your breath, try it for about an hour under water.

PS Is this the same EB Warris that used to sign from Raeburn Road before he/she went all technical?

Yours affectionately, on behalf of all the chaps in the bar/lounge of the Dog & Duck.

Barry Kade

from just over the border

Let’s support each other

More people now suffer mental health problems now.

We need to talk more about it and open up.

Talk to family, friends, face to face, it’s much easier than doing it online.

I have never suffered with anything like this, but a couple of friends have had depression.

Always remember to talk to someone.

Claire Wilson


Student Games debt

Re: Terry Tiller (May 1), if the World Student Games were awarded to London in 1987, the Thatcher government would have poured millions of pounds into the project because they favoured the South more than the North.

Re: Councillor Price (April 27), until 2010, the council had 13 years to pay off the debt for the 1991 sporting event and failed.



I find all this nonsense

Children going to school hungry, that’s shocking, but now it’s girls missing one week of school each month as their parents cannot afford sanitary towels.

What an excuse to miss school, their parents are getting family allowance.

Instead of keeping them off school bob into Asda, some are under 50p.

I find all this nonsense.

Jayne Grayson