What can they offer?

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It would appear Ms Krankie (Sturgeon), is prepared to do all she can in causing problems for the EU referendum Brexit democratic UK result, another poor loser who the Scots should be very, very wary of. If the majority of Scots vote to stay in the Union when will the next independence vote take place? If they vote to leave what have they got to offer the undemocratic EU? Sturgeon, Salmond and their whisky industry? Which the imploding on itself EU will want most of, whisky industry that is.

What else have they to offer? Scottish North sea oil, with it’s thousands of redundant workers, just isn’t worth getting out of the ground, with redundant oil rigs all scattered about the coast, the EU didn’t save them did it? In any case the Irish, Americas and the Japanese make nice whiskey. I almost forgot to mention the Scots also have plenty of midges in summer to really entertain the tourists, even more so than Ms Krankie.

Westminster should be telling Sturgeon when the Scottish referendum should take place, sooner rather than later... hopefully?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Ave, Hoyland, S74