What are children taught at school if they don’t know what a turnip is? 

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My wife promised our grandson a couple of gallons of homemade stew. So we proceeded to Sainsbury’s on the Moor.

She chose her essential vegetables, but couldn’t find any turnips.

A young male assistant was stocking shelves nearby. My wife, that’s Mrs Malone, asked him if there were any turnips.

He looked straight through her and with her being Irish we thought he didn’t understand her but no he didn’t know what a turnip was.

I nearly said we are talking to one, instead I said “have you any swedes?”

He leapt into action and produced a container full of them.

Just what are our children taught at school or at home for that matter?

It’s unbelievable someone not knowing what a turnip is.

Vin Malone

Gleadless Valley, S14