What a waste of our money

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I am writing to express my thanks to Sheffield City Council for spending their time and OUR money this week by sending a team to prune all of the beautiful trees on Meersbrook Park Road in preparation for their proposed imminent demise.

A perplexed resident

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Outside contractors

Having been an electrical supervisor for a good number of years and mostly on tower blocks in London I have to say that over the years things changed.

Everything we did 20 years ago with regard to safety used to be inspected by the London fire brigade, even including drilling holes through the rising floors to ensure no fire could be drawn between floors.

This unfortunately changed over the years as councils handed control to outside contractors with only one thing in mind – profit.

Site visits from such bodies as the LFB and others soon started to diminish and as this happened standards soon started to fall.

It’s sad, it’s wrong but it happened and someone is accountable.

The procedure of handing over control of social housing to outside sources is not unique to London nor are the consequences.

John Vintin

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Make council work for vote

I think it is a disgrace what the council are doing felling trees.

Maybe if the Sheffield public were not so apathetic or “vote Labour no matter what” we would have a marginal constituency which would make this council think very differently as to the decisions they make.

Fight to change your council and make them work for your vote.



Stop passing the buck

There’s always some reason as to why kids are having their teeth pulled at one year old.

I don’t buy it that it’s postcode selective as to whether kids have dental issues.

I live at S35 and I don’t see lots of children walking around toothless.

Let’s stop blaming it on social issues and poverty because it’s nonsense.

When my child developed teeth they were brushed, he goes to school with clean teeth and goes to bed with his teeth brushed, he has lovely teeth it wasn’t hard work at all.

Then the health officials are saying better education is needed.

Stuff and nonsense, you have teeth in you’re head, keep them clean, stop passing the buck onto everyone else.

Jayne Grayson

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City is going backwards

The front page of Sheffield Star on Saturday, was about air quality. One of the worse areas is Arundel gate and Brook Hill Roundabout.

The reason for this is the amount of slow-moving traffic in this area, yet our illustrious council want to reduce all speed limits to 20mph.

This will cause more pollution on all roads and not just on busy roads.

Think again Sheffield council, this city is going backwards.


Sheffield 5

It’s more like poison

Air quality in Sheffield city centre was featured on the front page of Saturday’s Star .

I wrote a letter about it more than two years ago and it was bad then.

On a recent walk about I noticed on Surrey Street and Norfolk Street you could hardly move for cars parked up and at some point would be on the move spewing exhaust fumes out for shoppers to breathe in.

Saying that, on Pinstone Street there are numerous buses stop to pick up passengers and just a few yards away children are playing in the Peace Gardens breathing toxic fumes from the buses exhaust.

Pollution more like poison.

EB Warris

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That’s why he’s on show

So Jayne Grayson is getting really upset by the BBC as well, this time regarding Alan Shearer.

In response I would presume his football knowledge is that valuable on Match of the Day as that’s why he is on the show.

Lee Johnson

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Come on, wear it pink

I am writing to ask all readers in Sheffield to join us this October for the UK’s biggest pink fundraiser, wear it pink.

Wear it pink, Breast Cancer Now’s flagship fundraiser, takes place on Friday, October 20, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise money for life-saving breast cancer research.

To get involved, all you have to do is ditch your everyday colours and pull on some pink and fundraise to help Breast Cancer Now achieve its aim that by 2050 everyone who develops breast cancer will live.

Breast Cancer is a devastating disease. Around 430 women in Sheffield are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and around 79 women in Sheffield lose their lives to the disease. Last year 338 fundraisers across Sheffield got involved in wear it pink and raised an amazing £16,435 for Breast Cancer Now’s vital breast cancer research.

Wear it pink is for everyone and there are lots of ways the readers in Sheffield can get involved – whether it’s at school, work or in the local community. You can try a whacky pink tie competition at work, host a pink cake decorating night in your community, or organise a pink party at school with bunting galore. Visit wearitpink.org to sign up and get ideas for your fundraising.

I hope we see lots of people in Sheffield sign up to wear it pink this year – all of us at ‘Pink HQ’ can’t wait to see your pink outfits and hear all about your fabulous fundraising activities!

Lottie Barnden

Wear it pink Senior Manager at Breast Cancer Now

Interesting read indeed

How very interesting to read about the groundbreaking film Victim starring Dirk Bogarde.

I well remember seeing the film many years ago on television, by which time Dirk Bogarde was a very high-profile film star.

Victim was followed by The Servant, (starring James Fox, Dirk Bogarde and Sarah Miles), with a script by Harold Pinter. Then came Death in Venice, (Thomas Mann) and A Bridge Too Far, Dirk Bogarde playing General “Boy” Browning, (1st Airborne Division), the story of the valiant but fateful mission to capture the Arnhem Bridge, Holland, 1944, directed by Sir Richard Attenborough.

Apparently one of the airborne soldiers taking part in the Arnhem battle, September 1944, was a certain Tom Keylock who went on to work for the Rolling Stones, no less, in the 1960s

Steven Davis

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