What a load of rubbish

Weston Park Hospital
Weston Park Hospital
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I am a cancer patient at Weston park hospital, where I have eight to nine hours of chemo in one day every two weeks.

I drive there and use the car park which was the only free hospital car park. Due to the nature of the illness most patients cannot walk far.

The hospital trust say that making the car park a pay and display is not about making money but to ensure that only patients get use of the car park and to cut the queue in the main road.

What a load of rubbish. All they needed to do was get the attendant (who will probably be made redundant ) to check appointment cards.

You have to wait until he directs you to a space anyway. As a pay and display, it will become open to anyone who parks and pays. My treatment day would cost me £8 to £10 to park.

There are about 100 spaces, so don’t tell me it’s not about money.

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